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    some weeks ago, I was splitting a little peak near home with a “solid board mate”…it’s an easy peak, but that day was blowing the most strong wind I had never saw.

    We speak about fling up the travel, cos he had the board tied to the backpack and he was constantly falling, but finally we manage to tie the board with two ropes and drag the board along the way.
    It was dangerous and the board resulted damaged.

    i think it´s another advantage of splitting …strong winds, cos i had no much problem to reach the peak …just some laughs pulling off the skins!

    My experience splitting is not very long, but the only disavantage I see it’s the width of the “ski”, that is superior than a common ski and makes difficult to press the edge on steeper and hard solpes, and i’m forced to use split crampons on fixed mode usually …and they are a bit slow to put.

    Has anyone a successful mod of voile crampon? that allows to put it without removing the binding, this would be great for splitters who live far away of powder and use the crampon usually.

    sorry for the englisch


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    Has anyone a successful mod of voile crampon?

    Not that I am aware of, but it would be cool if someone did. This was the only part of the burton system that was easier to use than the voile. For long steep climbs the extra time/hassle is no big deal but on short stuff it’s hardly worth it. I usually leave my voile crampons at home and just concentrate on my skins and lean on my poles a little extra.

    41 Posts

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