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    Who Wants to poach alta? it would be easy with a Split?:)


    Did you just think that one up? Long since tried, failed, conquered, etc. Unless you are in waist deep pow as you shuffle up to the Baldy entrance gate from the back of Snowbird and the gate troll is half asleep, you won’t make it in easily. Alta knows what a splitboard is, Voile’ is right down the canyon in SLC…
    And after Jake threw down the gauntlet two years ago for the Burton Video Poaching of the “last four” the tolerance went down to ZERO for invading riders.
    Best thing to do is steer clear and let the mountains do themselves in. Taos slowly watched their families not return and the businesses see less money year after year until the surrounding township and it’s people had enough. The people spoke with their money and the mountain listened.
    Unfortunately, Mad River, Alta & Deer Valley have plenty of other board-friendly resorts close by to go to instead, so the have their niche’ by catering to the “elitists”, “purists” and other various tunnel-vision afflicted guests. Let them eat have their cake. And choke on it too!

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    lol thanks

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    Would still be fun though…

    If you go to the Burton archives you should be able to find some of the videos. They were pretty funnny.

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    I bet i just whant to see the skiiers faces while i blow by them on a board theyd be pretty suprized

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    How does this fit into Gear Mods and DIY?

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    @affix snow wrote:

    How does this fit into Gear Mods and DIY?

    It’s hidden where tha Alta cops wouold never look.


    affix snow
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    @gregm wrote:

    @affix snow wrote:

    How does this fit into Gear Mods and DIY?

    It’s hidden where tha Alta cops wouold never look.



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    I made one run at Alta the winter of 83-84 on a Burton ‘woodie’ performer AND I rode up the lift with my board! I was asked to leave about two thirds of the way down the mountain.

    For a very brief time that winter Alta would allow one to ride the lift provided you had mini skis to get on and off the lift, while holding your board.
    A friend of mine who worked at Mother Karens (now defunct local winter apparel company) let me in on this. And after cutting up a coupla old skis, attaching some webbing and buckles, I went up. Sure enough I was on the lift and up the mountain.

    Now, if you have ever ridden an old board you know that turning, and/or riding on groomers was a fight for your life. I attribute this lack of control to my being asked to leave, more than the fact that I was boarding.
    I have no idea how long they allowed this, or under what circumstances. As Alta claims that the board of directors simply won’t allow snowboarding, ever.
    It’s really hard to believe I was the only one who was allowed to do this? But anyways, I sort of chuckled when Burton put out that challenge last year. :scratch:

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    I talked to an old dude in an Alta jacket on the bus up little cottonwood a few years back. He claimed to be on the board. Guess his Bentley was in the shop that day. Anyway, he said that they acknowledged that they were losing money by not allowing riders and also that snowboarding had come a long way from its punk origins. Basically, they look at the numbers every year and decide whether or not they can afford to exclude us. Pricks.

    I say screw Alta. You have the bird right there, solitude is nice, brighton is ok, and with all the shweet bc between big and little cottonwood canyons who cares about Alta?

    Still, if you really wanted to get their goat, you and buds could skin up in the dark, wait until the lifts open (canasta anyone?), find the 50 something couple in the unitards and headbands on teles and bomb past them, straightlining the pow and yelling obscenities. Don’t forget to blast sex pistols in your helmet. For extra credit, pat the lady on the ass as you fly by.

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    Burton power to the poachers video

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