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    Just throwing it out there ………..bigass xc boots

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    Are you suggesting touring up with the NNN BCs instead of tech toes? Interesting.

    One potential issue might be the length of the NNN BC binding plate, and fitting it on your split. Stock they are probably 8″ long. You could probably cut off most of the ridge-plate behind the actual bar-catch mechanism, but I wonder if you’d lose close to all torsional rigidity?

    I assume you’d then climb with standard split bindings in your pack? I can’t imagine how the Alaska’s would ride, but it would be a interesting experiment, and a lot less $$ a dynasplit setup. Bonus points if you already XC ski and could use the boots for that. I’ve read that they’re some of the best for XCD touring.

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    BC bindings are all (thin) plastic behind the actual bar catch, at least the Rottefella Bc Manual/Auto/Magnum, so they are easily chopped without much loss in stiffness.

    There are 3 screws total that touch metal in the bindings, one in front of the bar and 2 behind with very narrow spacing, maybe 2cm or so. I don’t think those are made to drive anything wider than say 60mm on a sidehill, the interface is miles away from a Dynafit or even old school Voile pin in stiffness. Basically a cheap bent metal plate slides in above the bar and locks it in place.

    I have seen a fair few of them ripping even from really narrow bc skis without edges, granted those skis have a core mainly made of dust, but on the other hand the screws are long and considering how weak the interface to the boot is and how there is no way to ski those things agressively, it is still saying something.

    Boots are very nice though, warm and comfy, but beware of toe drag due to the almost total lack of rocker and very little regard to keeping bsl short in design.

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    I was browsing the Alpina site when I stumbled on those boots, and my first thought was… wonder how they would work with snowboard bindings. I don’t have the boots. Not sure they available stateside. They do intrigue me for xcd though.

    Personally, I have had very good luck with my alpina boots and nnn-bc bindings. Haven’t broken boots or bindings and I have used them at resorts (made it down Walking Boss at Loon on them) and in two day old powder at abandoned resorts.

    Dunno if they would work or not. Can’t imagine they would be good at sidehilling but long approaches and non technical terrain. probably be ok.

    Tech boots and binding prices are coming down too. So maybe almost as cheap to go tech.

    Still, a combi xcd/split boot hmmmmm……..

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