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    First time in the mecca for my friend and I this year.

    Had an amazing trip despite our problems and reworking of the plans due to VHC failing on us. Spent two weeks in a RV splitting, one day at Alyeksa spinning chairs, one day lapping nicks happy valley with Big Mountain Taxi (highly recommend these guys, Jeremy is awesome), one down day while three feet of fresh graced the pass, and one day on a ferry where we gave a fellow splitter a lift afterwards (if you’re reading this, Hi Roy 🙂 )

    I don’t have a tonne of great pics of each spot but I am piecing together a vid that I’ll post up here when I’m finished, the vids have far more of the riding/skinning images.

    Started out in anchorage renting the RV, then headed down to girdwood for a couple of days. Met up with D-Green who showed us a local sweet spot, did a quick lap in the afternoon. (Thanks dusty!) My apologys to AK_split, we just didn`t have any other days out there to get intouch before heading out, would`ve liked to meet more locals!

    After my first AK run guided by Dusty 🙂

    The rig

    The drying room

    What? Me? Baked? nahhh

    after taking a trip back out to the secret spot ourselves!

    Prepping for come compression tests.

    midway up our climb outside girdwood.

    back at the rig that day

    After we left Girdwood, we took the long road to Valdez at night, scary ass drive this time of year. Stopped halfway in glenallen and parked outside a wells fargo for a nights rest……..the completed the journey the next day, roll into Valdez, pick up a copy of Matt Kinney’s guide book at prospector outfitters – then head directly up dayville road to ski around the pipeline (benzene alley I believe? Just west of sugarloaf) in the prettiest weather we’d seen yet:

    That was a good day of laps out there. A sweet little blue hole gave us the perfect intro to the terrain out there. Absolutely mind blowing, and my friend and I have experienced most of north America, and a few parts of Europe. Thompson pass/Valdez is truly a gem like no other.

    Little matterhorn

    We brought plenty of “supplies”

    Saw some real Alaskan sights

    Some nice roadside views

    Dusty, even though there’s no skin track here, feel free to add this to your bottomless splitting picture collection I’m sure you’ve got somewhere LOL

    As the bluebirds kept rolling in we sought prettier objectives, this day we headed up to Berlin wall through nick’s happy valley

    breaking trail

    Verting up the shoulder

    After a long day we headed back down into town, took in some local sights.


    We had a bit of fun that night

    Then we camped out at the gun range to attempt a climb behind it the next day, but awoke to a couple feet of fresh weighing down our plans.

    digging in the morning

    Then redigging the snow that had fallen between 8am and 11am

    The equipment sent up to “plow” the road 

    But by the following day, we getting smiled upon again and went out to test the newly settled mank.

    We had went back out to benzene alley because in the lower elevations around valdez the snow had not bonded super well yet. We decided to stick to lowangle terrain we’d already seen, and lucked out bigtime. The cat driver who services the dam lifted us 90% of the way for Free.99 and we shredded on our solids.

    The day after we decided to take it easy and bang off some road runs, a neat pic that make me think of the littlest hobo.

    I fuelled most of my trip with PB sangers.

    And before we left, when we arrived back in anchorage we camped in a walmart parking lot – and in the least likely of places, ran into a lil moose calf. Freaked the shit out of me when I pulled in there, didn’t see her until we were stopped 5 feet from her LOL

    And that is all!

    Here’s a link to a few of the spot adventures I’ve exported, theres one or two from around girdwood and maybe 4 from around valdez. I have to say I really like that little tool.
    Shred on boys and if you haven`t done GET YOUR ASS TO FUCKING ALASKA!!!!

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    Badass!! :headbang:

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    Thanks man! twas a BA trip, surely one for the books for myself. I’d love to commit to heading to AK again next year, but our loose plans so far are to “follow the storms”….we lucked out with snow there this year, but may have looser plans next time around.

    Shred on boys! :thumpsup:

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    Oh Joe, you do not want to start this war with me :nononno:…

    for you may end up with something like this on your trip report…

    😆 😆 😆

    Sorry, but that picture of yours was wrong and now all the’rs are spitting up their coffees and gouging out their eyes. hahahahahaha

    Anyways, it was a pleasure to meet you two and be able to show a little AK hospitality :doobie:. Glad to hear that Valdez treated you well too. Until next time… PEACE!

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    i love snowboard trips.

    i’m jealous, and now i want to go on one.

    but please, (unless some girls want to chime in) can we end the nudity thing already?

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