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    The big news is that I have officially been banned from accessing from my office – the site has been 100%firewalled by the man…ooooops. So my ability to see TRs and post comments has drastically declined. “But why don’t you just check the posts from your Smartphone”? you ask.

    I might be accurately described as a Luddite. As such, I generally avoid participation in modern society’s obsession with the digital world and its all-encompassing effect on our relationships with one and other and the planet. I won’t go into a detailed diatribe here, but I don’t think internet and smartphone entrancement is healthy or representative of an actually positive direction for humanity. Thus, I do not own a smartphone and I do not have home internet access. Oh, and the Television, I left that behind several years ago.

    That said, I do occasionally check my email, read some news online, and browse the TRs on this site (now only when I have access to a computer and the web). I formerly was motivated to post more (when I had more time and access) and I certainly like putting up TRs! So none of the above is to disrespect the people using the web or my friends on this site, I am just disclosing why I find myself less able and less motivated to participate lately. And I want to dedicate this post to all the people who have put up awesome TRs, pics, and vids this year. I have enjoyed so much of it!

    I also want to dedicate this post to the victims, families, and friends involved with the Colorado tragedy: Your spirit lives on in the images and words we post on this forum.

    And with that, here is my AK winter 2013 season photo journal. Thanks to Ben Reynolds, D-Green, Josh Mandel, Dean Cummins, and Lewis Rogers for the photos they contributed. Enjoy.

    Stormy weather led me to this couloir at Mirror Lake,

    Which I aptly named “The Hall of Mirrors”

    It drops 3,000 ft. to the lake below

    Splitter Addicts take note.

    Winter was Bad for the first couple of months up north this year, really bad. But then it picked up and the snow got good. Things were especially good in the Talkeetna range and aside from a few photos from the Kenai Mountains featured here the vast majority of these are from the Talkeetnas.

    These couple of few are from the Valdez zone.

    I didn’t ride much in Valdez this year. I was lucky however to finally get a full descent of the Tusk, which was certainly a major highlight.

    Tusk route view #1

    Tusk route view #2

    Back to the Kenai Mountains – Summit Pass zone here

    Scary route off the north face of Silvertip that I rode in the twilight with D-Green

    Scoping lines off a thin ridge in the Talkeetnas with a sunny Denali in the background

    gettin’ into this spot

    After Work Spine-ology at the not-so-secret-stash-ultra-easy-access-AK-mini-golf-playground

    D-Green on the warpath

    D-Green- changeover with Denali view

    D-Green shredding the Talkeetnas

    D-Green maintains

    Corn Season brings us to a 4,000 ft. descent from a summit in the Talkeetnas to the Matanuska Valley floor.

    Throughout most of the winter I had this feeling that I was having a mediocre snowboarding season, but then when I sorted through all the photos and had time to reflect it became clear that, in its own special way, AK in 2013 was just as stellar as ever. We get to ride a lot of powder and there exist lifetimes worth of mountains to explore.

    Please forgive me if I don’t respond to any comments/questions in a timely manner. I won’t be CONNECTED again anytime soon and I’ll be in a distant location for a few weeks, working on another TR.

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    top quality snow porn there not bad for an average season

    christoph benells
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    “i want to go to there”

    congrats on a great winter

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    @christoph benells wrote:


    “i want to go to there”

    congrats on a great winter

    +1 :thumpsup:

    Thanks for sharing.

    Maybe I’ll make it to AK next year…

    I feel like I’ve said that way too many times :scratch:

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    that hall of mirrors is quite the pipe!! nice one!

    never summer snowboards
    phantom splitboard bindings
    dynafit touring
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    This is an incredible line. Top rider’s right traverse looks life threatening.


    spruce cabin
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    Thanks for sharing your adventures!

    And I agree, being a Luddite is a good thing.

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    great shots, as always. i love sitting down with some coffee and enjoying your slide show.
    you live the life of a winter ripper, some seasons are bound to be disappointing compared to others. i know that was the case in Tahoe.
    and although i wish we could all be spoiled every winter, it makes me appreciate how special and unique a good day/season can be.
    in some ways we are like big wave surfers. scoping and waiting and saving up time and money just for that next day that could be an all time day.
    commit all this time and effort for 5-20 good days out of the entire year? and what about timing with friends? makes it that much more elusive.
    and when they are that few and far between, that is what creates a chance to have “another best day of my life”.
    that is why we do this.
    some people look back to younger days and say “those where the best times of my life”
    through this lifestyle, we can continue to have the best days of our lives.

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    Hey all , thanks for the comments and thanks for checking out my photos. I have been a bit off the grid lately, hence the late reply. Hope everyone is having a nice summer.

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    Mid-summer here in the land of the dry (AZ), great pics, yet another tr that calling me to AK… Yeah that Tusk line looks absolutely life threatening.

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