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    due to the fact that I mix snowshoes and split, I need to have a good backpack for carry the snowboard. I prefer clearly X carry, less painful for my back…
    I would like to buy a airbag backpack, but I did not find easily backpack with x carry, do you know some ?
    next year, Jones will launch his airbag pack with x carry, is someone used this x carry on the std pack ?

    thx !

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    What is X carry?

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    sorry, not clear apparently…

    X carry : horizontal carry


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    Understood, didn’t hear of anyone wanting to carry a snowboard horizontally except for snowmobile riders.
    This model features horizontal carry:

    Are you sure that back pain isn’t related to a weak backpack rather than the orientation of the snowboard?
    (I personally would rather buy the Snowpulse Lite 35 than the Highmark22)

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    thanks for your answer.
    22l is too small, unfortunately…I need at least 30l.
    regarding my back pain, I had in the past the Deuter GLIDE, which is normally a very good and comfortable backpack…and it is not very good…

    the Jones one seems interresting with honrizontal carry, but 2 concerns, volume, just 30l, and the price…i do not know it yet, but…

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    I know this is not what you’re asking for, but the Mystery Ranch Blackjack has a great diagonal carry that fits any splitboard I can throw at it. The diagonal carry seems way less less tippy than vertical carry (keeps weight low). Plus you can cinch it in so you barely know it’s there. I don’t even bother A-framing anymore.

    The Blackjack is advertised at 42L but it’s signifcantly smaller than my BD 42L. It’s a little big for a daypack, and just big enough for an overnight. However, it has a huge shovel compartment so your rescue gear doesn;t impede access.

    Shit, maybe I’ll just write that review i’ve been talking about.

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