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    Adk 10 march: last pow day?
    I hope not! I noticed saturday morning that Whiteface got some snow overnight and it was still snowing in the area. I coundn’t miss that opportunity to get at least one winter outing in the dacks knowing that the next week weather forecast was not snowpack friendly.

    So, a late start, and not much snow on valley approach. About an inch of ice covered with and inch of snow for the first mile. After that point, I felt more confortable for my skins!

    On the off trail approach to the slide, the snowpack got deeper with a nice layer of powder snow on top of it. Between 6 to 8 inch of snow was sitting on top of firm snow still wet. Didn’t do any compression test, just quick pit & probing. Slope was already ski cut by a precedent party and a few tracks were laid down.

    Snow was good & light on top,not bottomless though. But better than I expected since Thursday thaw.Hope it won’t be my last pow turns in the East.

    Some pics

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    The answer to your question is likey YES. I was out yesterday on Algonquin. There’s still good coverage on some higher altitude aspects and the snow was fun, but the hiking/skiing trails down low got hammered yesterday (sorry no pics – left my memory card at home). Things are changing quickly and the forecast says 60F temps tomorrow and Wednesday. I’d be surprised if there was any snow worth riding by next weekend.

    We did get a few good Pow days in late February. Here’s a short clip from an early morning burn on Slide 4 at Whiteface.

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