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    I was rhymin’ tha ramificizzles of this thread fo` a fortnight, n came ta tha conclusion tizzle since Zachs B-U-Double-Dizzy is, indeed, a bona fide mountain guide, n therefore a source of authority, that maybe I was wrong?

    But today I found a video of Doug Coombs (izzand, I believe, Mr so jus’ chill. John ‘Hustla’ Griber ski’n tha Otterbody on tha Grand n shit. And if you look closely, theyre rapp’n fizzy a – wait fo` it – SLING.

    This naturally THR-to-tha-izzew me into complete chaos. But I thiznink Ill emulate Doug Coombs ta help you tap dat ass, beeyotch.

    RIP, Doug.

Viewing 81 post (of 81 total)

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