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    I don’t have much time. At this moment I am packing the last of my bags and sending off via mail and hand to points throughout the Cascades. Over the last few week I have been doing nothing but eating Ice cream, learning HTML and writing stories trying only to lift fingers only when necessary. I haven’t wrote in what seems like years stories were getting back logged and before long I had become overwhelmed. My love is the adventure but not the writing so much. What I realized over time is if I don’t write down these experiences it’s as if they never happened, at least with my memory over the years. Some people don’t have the opportunity to disappear for weeks at a time and some have mentioned they live vicariously through me. I found that weird as I started feeling as though people would take it as boasting, something I am not so fond of.

    So I wrote…ALOT

    I finished up the last 3 TRs for the 9,000er Project. “What the hell am I talking about” you ask? It’s no secret that Washingtons peaks aren’t the highest in the lower 48 but it is debatable that they are the burliest. There are 10 peaks in Washington above 9,000, over 3 years I ticked them off. Here are the 4 that went down last year.

    Seven Finger Jack and Maude

    Jack Mountain

    and Logan

    Earlier this season I was fortunate to pull of 3 traverse on two separate Cascadian Volcanos

    Paradise to Carbon River in Mt. Rainier National Park
    5 Days || 45 Miles || 23,000 Vertical || Team: Kyle Miller

    Carbon River to White River
    3 Days || 36 Miles | 18,000 Vertical || Team: Jason Hummel, Ben Starkey and Kyle Miller

    and Glacier Peak
    5 Days || 61 miles || 25,000 Vertical || Team: Kyle Miller

    Oh and did I mention a traverse of the Picket Range done exclusively by Splitboarders?

    I have updated and changed how to look at TRs on my page so it’s interactive with Google Earth and shows the terrain we are actually going through. It was almost worth getting locked in my basement for 2 weeks while the weather was descent out side.

    When I get home I will start working on the handful of trips along the way. Enjoy and wish me luck for the next month.

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    Think of it as part of your job to report back to us on your trips and adventures. With every job there are parts you like better than others. It might be a pain in your neck to report back on your trips but you got to do it as part of what you do.

    I probably have one of the best jobs in the world doing what I do and get paid pretty good for it; but, when I see or read a out your splitboarding adventures, I am damn envious.

    Priority one for you is get good riding in. After that is sharing your experiences with us.

    Go charge it and when you get a chance, share it with us be it in video, photo, or written form.


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    Love the google earth tie in (like I don’t already spend enough time on it) Keep kill’n it :headbang:

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    glad to have been part of one of those adventures and looking forward to reading about the rest (if my van project ever gives me a break…. yeah right)

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