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    Hy guyz,
    MTB jones are great boots….but guyz, m I the only one that have problems with the liner tongue? The tongue just slides on the side on my shin…And the boot is suddenly not that stiff as it shoud be… I had to take the boots to a local shoemaker to fix this issue…+the original footbed is garbage…
    What do you think?

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    What did the local guy do to fix the issue?

    I have no experience with the MTB, but I have used the Ultralights for lots of years, and tongue-shift has been an issue on a few pairs. The best liner (2012) that kept the tongue in place had velcro at the top of the tongue and the inside of the overlapping sides. Last years model went back to just a power strap at the top with no real way to hold the tongue in place. Adhesive velcro might be a DIY fix.

    Interested to hear how the cobbler solved this for you. Thanks.

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    “the original footbed is garbage”

    I suspect this is true of most/many boots. The footbed on the Burton DriverX isn’t good, either – I swapped mine out for Sidas footbeds.

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    I swapped mine with superfeet footbead an it was a big improvement…
    @permnation He did exactly that…He just sew velcro tape on one side of the tongue and inside of the liner and that is it…it worked like a charm. Im super happy now and I love my boots…BUT!! I’m disappointed about 32, we are talking about 500€ worth boots!!
    I wrote a review on but they didnt publish it…They need to fix this I think….

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    @Sid700 Thanks for the info. I agree a top end boot should have a nice liner.

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    Did you get these heat moulded?
    Previous versions of the TM2 boots had velcro patches on the tongue and inside the liner (possibly similar to what your shoemaker has done).
    Personally I’ve not had any issues beyond a snapped lace.

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