Forums Trip Reports 3/07/14 Matterhorn area-Sawtooth Range-Eastern Sierra
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    Shredtacular! Nice TR Brooks, that may inspire me to get in there before summer.

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    Outstanding photos!! Thanks for the cool TR.

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    Fun TR. Is that a second-generation Solution I see you riding (2012 i think)? How’s it holding up? I purchased one (a factory flawed at a low price) at the beginning of the season as a backup board but it’s so fun I’ve wound up making it my primary rig. I have definitely had a fair shake of durability issues though. Curious to hear about your experience.

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    My solution has had a lot of heelside edge impacts in the same place and it’s holding up fine. I actualy have a core shot that fully exposed the edge in one place and a couple weeks ago I slammed the same spot with no more edge damage. It’s seen a lot of rocks as we’ve had shitty snow years since I’ve purchased it. Same with my first generation flagship. 3 seasons of resort abuse and it’s still going strong. Actually, yesterday I slammed a rock heelside going fast down a steep line and it finally bent my edge under my back foot. Of course it would have done the same or worse to any board. I’ve also heard a lot about Jones lack of durability but I’ve experienced the exact opposite. I’ve thrashed the 2 that I’ve owned and nothing’s gone wrong with them. Keep in mind I’m 145lbs soaking wet.

    Oh, and people seem to like the photos. I just got a Sony RX100 point and shoot as recommended by a few people in one of the camera threads on here. That little thing is amazing! Blows my old canon point and shoots out of the water. I’m going DSLR free now (I’m selling most of my gear) as it’s too expensive, heavy, and I’m too lazy to learn how to become a Jason Hummell, Zach Clanton, or Dan Mingori 🙂 The technology is so friggin’ good now that you don’t really need a DSLR to take sick photos. I only wish they made a little circular polarizer for this thing. This thing takes crisper photos than my Canon 40D 10megapixel with a $1500 lens. I can crop shots 400% and not lose any detail. It takes great action shots when using manual shutter speeds too. (the first alpenglow shot is my DSLR. Although it looks nice, I took it on shutter speed priority at 1/200 second and the light meter made it super underexposed and it wasn’t that sharp. It’s the circular polarizer and editing that made the photo. I’m curious what my little Sony would have done with the same shot)

    Dan Gates, that photo is BEAUTIFUL!!! What focal length was that thing taken with? I’d put that shit on my wall at home.

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    Nice one BG. Up high seems ok. I think corn season will be about four days long this year 🙁

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    damn dude that couloir is sick.. that one shot lends me to believe its pretty filled in..

    wasatch surf
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    @bgnight wrote:

    Dan Gates, that photo is BEAUTIFUL!!! What focal length was that thing taken with? I’d put that shit on my wall at home.

    Thanks Brooks! hard to remember but that was with my old wide angle so probably around 11mm

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