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    christoph benells
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    Day 1:

    After missing several key turnoffs at 7 am i finally found the park and ride at the bottom of big cottonwood. I met up with forum member wasatch surf and he showed me the way. Thanks again Dan it was great to shred with another capable splitter! Usually i ride with newbie splitters, skiers, or solo.

    We went up the white pine trail to lake peak and hit the northern face. It was suprisingly good!

    photo cred goes to wasatch surf (who if you didnt already know is an awesome photographer)

    Here is wasatch surf gettin his surf on. He rips and he rocks hard boots.

    Michelle Pheifferhorn in back and lake peak with our tracks in foreground

    Wasatch surf’s tracks down the middle chute of tri-chutes

    Grabbing the rail on a soul turn (p-cred wasatch surf)

    Day 2:

    I don’t want to talk about it. Skinned 4 miles to realize i dropped my sunglasses somewhere up the white pine trail. Rode one squinty eyed run back to the car, and to another pair of las gafas.
    Then i rode scotties. they say pictures sat a thousand words and if i took a picture the word would be “poopy” one thousand times.

    Day 3:

    I was sick of approaches so i hit some stuff close to the road. First i hit tanner’s.

    It was awesome to be in a giant coulior, and it reminded me of my glory days living in the sierra. Granite rocks rock.

    I got back to the truck at noon, so i decided to do another one. Dont know the name of this one but i believe it is on mt. superior.

    Upward progress was halted about 100 feet from the top due to a sketchy wind slab on some unbonded sugary snow. I didn’t really feel like doing the mantle move to get up the cornice either.

    I got exactly what i wanted from this trip, sun and snow. a combination i havent experienced in months in the PNW (ok thats an exaggeration but it sure feels like it!)

    Now i’m sore, sunburnt and happy.

    See you next year wasatch mountains!

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    sorry to hear you lost your shades, but it looks like a great trip otherwise!

    wasatch surf
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    Thanks Chris! I’m glad we got to tour that one day, but I have to admit i’m super jealous of you riding tanners. I would have loved to hit that with you. :banghead:

    Last year Buckchow and I were going up White Pine and I also lost my sunglasses somewhere around the bottom of the tri chutes. I never found them. white pine is the bermuda triangle for eyewear.

    Chris in front of the Pfeif

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    Looks fun!

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    Good stuff. Lake peak and the Tri’s in one day Danm way to use aspects to your favor. Funny thing we got a good 8 inches this weekend and I was motivated to hit that lake peak shot, showed up to the trailhead a little late only to realize I forgot my glasses, you guys cursed me! That shot off superior is called Suicide by the way good into July most years. Catch you next year maybe.

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    Nicely done. See ya at spliff test!

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