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    Yeah the conditions right now aren’t too inspiring leading into the weekend. Only grizzly open today.

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    after having thought about the conditions the entire day and reading all the reports, it is sadly that me and my buddy will bail on this splitfest… The Sea-to-Sky area is announced to settle quite a bit, so my gas money will more go in the direction of whistler… (shame on me I know…)

    have fun peops, and stay safe out there!

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    Stoked! Last year was a blast. Leaving Rossland at 3:30 Friday (tomorrow), anyone between me and the glory that is Rogers Pass need a ride? Room for one & a lot of gear.

    That was Pontus

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    Leaving whis right now, stoked!

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    Leaving edmonton in just over an hour willing to pick up someone here or on the way my cell number is In the above message

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    just arrived in revi and the highway in between revi and golden was just shut down at 7:30am….guy from highways crew predicted it would open at 11:30am…looks like i’ll be riding revy for the day

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    It’s open now – both directions

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    Just got back from some great riding, fun scene, at the splitfest. Al and I were stoked to demo and show folks some Chimera splitboards. I got to ride my new 157cm Unicorn Chaser in the pow and loved it. Snow conditions ended up being fresh and fun and plenty powdery, nary a crust in site. Much thanks to Joey and Aaron for showing us around, you guys clearly have it dialed. Karkis, your slide show was killer man! Thanks to Wade for assembling the splitfest. Greg thx for the fuel when I needed it – you should split your next 2 million feet instead of skiing it. Y’all were gracious hosts. Can’t forget Swanny from LA. My first trip to Rogers Pass, why haven’t I been there before, i love it there, I’ll be back. And here’s the grand prize winners; dammit I only got a chapstick.

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    Awesome splitfest! Met some new peeps, saw friends I hadn’t seen in awhile, checked out some gear and rode some pow! Feel sorry for anyone that bailed as conditions were awesome. Crust was only noticeable right at the highway and avy conditions were pretty good.

    Spent Saturday up in the Hermit area where we got up into the alpine. The long walk (ended up 1100m above the highway) was worth it as we were treated to blower pow and some fun noboard lines. Today I headed up the Cheops area to Napolean Spur for a wicked avalanche chute that led right down to the highway. All in all, a great weekend!

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    Whoops, sorry if my fear mongering scared anyone off. i mentioned the crust mostly as a consideration for decision making – as punishment i got to deal with about 500 ft of it below avalanche crest on saturday. but everything above that was pretty awesome , and snow today was stellar!

    thanks to everybody i rode with, i had a great time – and thanks again to wade for being the longhair mastermind of it all. :thatrocks:


    Such a sicccck weekend!!! So rad meeting new peeps, enjoying amazing lines, and winning a new splitboard!!! So stokeddd!
    And SpeedyManiac thanks for showing us around. you guys kill it on the noboards, and i definitly have to join you guys, for a no shred next time!
    Wade thanks for killing it bud!! You did an amazing job!!!
    And the boys and Chimera! Thanks for letting me take out the 160 unicorn chaser and loving it!! never been on such a small, yet playful, and amazing sick in pow board!!
    Thanks everyone, you guys ROCK! :thatrocks:

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    WADE is the man, what fantastic planning and great flow to the whole weekends festivities.

    I gotta lay down one massive thanks to Emily and the gang at Prior. I got to roll down thick pow on Cheops Glades and the Hourglass on a brand new Fissile 172 demo with new Karakorams and new G3’s….. WOW was is it ever bitchin, what a phenomenal set up. A part of me died at the end day when turning it back over. I wish I had the funds to real in both a prior bc for mountaineering and a fissile for pow slayin….. Since I aint got the funds just the bc is now on the radar.

    Greg Hill and Kyle Miller, awesome presentations and great speaking with those gentlemen, inspirational is an understatement. Karkis and Strain great stuff.

    Finished the weekend off at the NRC gully, 600m of face blastin chaos right back to the parking lot.

    Everyone I rode with and hung out with, you are all absolute top shelf, till next year….

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    Sounds RAD, bummed I missed it.

    Wade, let me know if you want this thread back in the main forum for a while. Congrats on a great event. The sport thanks you. :thatrocks:

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    Big thanks to Wade and Prior for hosting the event, it was a memorable experience for all that attended. Also a big thanks to the sponsors for helping raise the funds for the CAF, anyone that donated to the raffle deserves a huge round of applause.

    Thank you mother nature for the snowpack and all the people I toured with (Patrick, Greg, Rick, Marc, Jason).

    Shortcut road is a fucking dead end.

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    Such an awesome weekend! Big thanks to wade for putting this on again and to everyone that came out to shred. So cool to see that many like-minded splitboarders in one place. Stuck to the below treeline for most of the trip but was rewarded with many many faceshots. Favorite spot of the weekend was off glacier crest to the best pillows I have ever ridden top to bottom. See you in the mtns!


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    Just wanted to repeat; amazing job Wade. We got some all-time rides this trip, and your work and everyone elses is hugely appreciated. Also, many thanks to Aaron, Joey, Greg and everyone else who broke trail for us and pulled back the curtain on the greatest riding i can imagine!

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    Here is my video from the trip. It was taken on the first run and sums up perfectly how the trip went for me. I might throw up the much longer version later. Still gotta finish editing. Wade thanks for putting on such a kick ass event :clap:

    Sorry for the country accent I am originally from the south HA!



    Man i loved the last vid! Holy fuck it’s deep!!! haha such a siiccck weekend, can’t wait till next year!

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    Big props to Wade for putting together another killer event! And props to all the splitters from far & away who showed up, played safe and got their shred on. Had a kickass time riding with old friends (numbernine, vapor) & new friends (uriedog, libtechsplit, jason). Sorry to those who I didn’t get an opportunity to ride with, or just geek out afterwords over beers & splitboards, a weekend just isn’t enough time!

    That was Pontus

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    Yes, what a great weekend. Thanks to Wade and all the folks who made it possible. Was tough getting in the car this AM and driving 8 hours home when there was 6″ of fresh at the hotel. Will post some pics once I go through them.

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