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    @christoph benells wrote:

    i dont get it? was there only 5 competitors allowed in the finals for the split race or only 5 entered?

    Pretty sure the race on Saturday was it. BCR said Dirksen let the mta guys in last minute, there were two. There were probably sixty or seventy total splitters. Got there late on Sunday as I didn’t qualify but dudes were shredding the course for the finals.

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    @idarado wrote:

    How’d that splitboard race end up?

    Nothing against your approach skis but this is trolling. The way you pose this question is not so much a burn but a lack of class. As far as entering a splitboard event on approach skis, I don’t see much difference with that as someone who ditches the skis altogether and runs up the course. Whatevers really, the derby’s for fun (and so is snowboarding). I just find your marketing douchy and annoying which is funny because it turns off at least one potential customer.

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    ^^^^ +1
    Seriously, these things are a friggin joke and their marketing only pisses me off more.
    I can’t believe we don’t collectively hate on these more. :nononno:

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    HAHa met a guy on those the other day, I proceeded to tell him how lame they where and he proceeded to agree and tell me about how many times he has broken them. he called me a couple days later and said he sold that shit and now has a split board… I laughed at mtn approach… again.. :nononno:

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    Those mountain approach skis are SO fetch!


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    Since we are turning this into a hate on approach skis I have a story.

    I took a guy out a few weeks ago. About 2 feet of new snow, super mellow tour. Me splitboarding, him with the Mtn approach. 100ft from the car, he snapped the rear hinge off one foot. I figured it was a super easy tour, he could keep going. 1 mile later, on the other foot, he snapped the front off. Day over for him. I proceeded to do a lap to at least get turns in. He took the road out.

    2 days later he bought a Venture splitboard. Has yet to snap both into thirds.

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    From what I can tell about that course, wouldn’t some running shoes and a snow skate be the ticket for winning?

    Regardless, sounds like a rad event and credit to Dirksen for putting it all together.

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