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    I rode Arapahoe Basin yesterday morning with my son. 85″ base with 7″ new and snowing off and on all day. Conditions were amazing. Then we went and skinned Uneva area. After that we rode Mt Bike’s. Perfect day! Seams like Colorado is the place to be right now. Its still cold this morning too. Killing me looking at the Gore from work, imagining how good it is up there

    20140515_134251 by travis young 424, on Flickr

    20140514_183032 by travis young 424, on Flickr

    Fast and smooth

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    come on Travis don’t taint the snow thread with dirt!!!! 😀 who’s still out there playing?? the weather has been so fickle its been hard to hit good days with only saturday and sunday as my options-

    theres been some of this

    luckily some nice views like this (southparksplitnek relaxin)

    and when the lighting is good your rewarded with views for miles!

    then! southparksplitnek looking for the goods

    and then, dreaming of how it would be to get it with less people and better snow. ALWAYS good to get out, lets keep the Colorado stoke alive!

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    Nice eric! Got out for one last hurrah last weekend. Yeah, I’m hanging it up. It’s been a good winter, time to move onto summer activities.

    Cinnamon Pass was plowed to the top, making a lot more options. Did one night of camping, looking for corn. Wind got pretty bad, and clouds were out, make it a bit tricky. Rode a SE face at 1pm, which was perfect. That night it didn’t freeze, so we called it and came back. But still did get a pretty fun run. Still a good amount of snow out there about 12K, and not a lot of dust showing still, which is nice. I’m sure independence pass and those areas will be excellent this late spring.

    Abby’s last shred day, all the way to the road.

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    nice Jason! :nononno: don’t listen to him about hanging it up! :bananas: IF I had more days off I would liter this page with trip reports…….

    big 14er lines are in and rocking! come on weather WORK WITH ME! and by that I mean sun and good freezes overnight, im ok with no freshies now, I just want to be able to see the summit!!

    just before the lighting got bad. HAhA

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    working the knife to the summit

    sick day Saturday with southparksplit, grabbed mt gyout near breck -topped out and 15 minutes later so did the sun!

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    CO splitters I could use some help. I was sent to the southern hemisphere for work this winter and didn’t get to ride much at all. I will be in Breck for work for the first week or two of July with the possibility of a day or two to spare. I realize it would be minimal ( I do a lot of very early and very late season riding in CA), but I regularly claim “I’ve hiked further for less”. I had a few ideas in my head, A-basin (closed but do they allow uphill in the off season), Independence pass, or a 14er like quandary, or the Africa bowl on Mt. Massive. anyhow any help would be appreciated.

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    hey hows it going!? Colorado definitely didn’t have the same type of awesome summer set I saw last year but still some spots to go play in the snow. not sure how dedicated or how techy you want to get… if your looking for good snow fields for mellow riding there is plenty of stuff left, Loveland ski resort, A-bay, and Loveland pass all have a fair amount of snow left on them. Didn’t see great freezes late this season so not sure on couloirs. Looks like tuning fork on torreys peak is still mostly in, not from the top but just a little down the ridge and it looks pretty fat. I have toured out in the indian peaks wilderness recently and they are still holding some good snow. Peak 10 in breck is known for its july ski ability. I was just up in breck doing some jumping and it looks fat on peak 10. I imagine some north facing 14er lines are still in but the slog thru the trees and downhill is pretty hot and dry right now. For me the most bang for the buck with the least amount of work would be somewhere near Loveland pass, maybe citadel or Hagerman are still a good long ski.. hit me up if your around to ride on Friday the 4th of july! I need to get my july day in. :nononno: :mrgreen:

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    any body go play over the 4th weekend? still some snow out there if you want it :mrgreen:

    some of this on the 4th of july
    url=][/url]snow 2014 279 by hardtryer, on Flickr[/img]

    Leads to an easy 4th of july ski :thatrocks:
    snow 2014 281 by hardtryer, on Flickr[/img]

    Of course some easy jibs went down! ( b/s, b/s270 out, 50/50 180out) I could have gotten WAY more rad but my skier friend was bored…. :nononno: not bad for at least a year since my last jibbing session
    snow 2014 282 by hardtryer, on Flickr[/img]

    not satisfied with such easy work, we see something better in the distance
    snow 2014 287 by hardtryer, on Flickr[/img]

    much better
    snow 2014 290 by hardtryer, on Flickr[/img]

    climbing up
    snow 2014 300 by hardtryer, on Flickr[/img]

    of course some spicy sausage on top since its bbq weekend!
    snow 2014 309 by hardtryer, on Flickr[/img]

    after some sun catching and daydreaming its time to harvest some late season corn! by hardtryer, on Flickr[/img]

    going for that money shot!
    snow 2014 353 by hardtryer, on Flickr[/img]

    enjoying the views
    snow 2014 393 by hardtryer, on Flickr[/img]

    its official I told my girl that my snow season is officially in mellow “once a month mode” after the 4th of july- last year it was mt toll on the mini this year it was citadel!
    sure do love me some Colorado! :doobie:

    have a good summer everyone!

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