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    This is not my review, but I like to read reviews of boards of the future:

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    Is it just me, or is this a terrible “review”? Nothing against the board, but I cannot glean anything from this “review” which tells me how it rides?

    How about stability at speed: maybe a good test would be to come blasting out of a steep line straightlining, and then hitting some soft avy debris…

    How ’bout handling in the steeps?

    How ’bout float in the deep?

    How ’bout discussing how it performs in long, short and medium radius turns at different speeds?

    How ’bout discussing how smoothly it transitions from arc to smear and back during a turn?

    How ’bout discussing how it handles difficult snow conditions, like a breakable crust?

    How ’bout discussing how much edge grip there is, and how easy it is for the rider to make the edges grip, or slide as needed?

    This “review” seems to mostly regurgitate the features mentioned in promotional materials for the board. Perhaps the “reviewer” would be better off testing the board, and writing the review, before reading Never Summer’s marketing blurbs…
    It is “reviews” like this which contribute to the appalling lack of understanding of how snowboards work among even many experienced riders.

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    They have a comments section. Post your questions there. I agree the ‘review’ was mostly insipid tripe.

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    thanks philip, I will do so…
    perm: I have read some of the other “reviews”… the above appears to apply to all of them. If someone is supposed to be a “professional” doing reviews and getting paid, I expect better information, and a more critical analysis.

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    Who knew about rocker and camber?? “When the two are combined utpoic nirvana ensues.”

    I want some of that Utpoic Nirvana. And what would Magnetraction get me? Maybe utopian virnana.

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    Yeah Chris, I want some of that Utopian Nirvana as well… funny thing is, in a review of another board on the same site, the same reviewer, praises a different board company for not “putting a bananna between my feet”, so, apparently, he believes in NS’ RC (which is rocker between the feet), but not in a “bananna” betwen his feet. Honestly, reading all of this reviewer’s reviews, he appears to directly contradict himself, his own preferences, and what makes a board “work” (or not). I am not sure what to call this, but certainly it is not responsible reporting or journalism…

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    i think this deck has a review somewhere on the forum…. not next years model, but…
    my understanding is next years model hasn’t changed much from last year… the graphics are diff and it think that’s actually somewhat significant, pale colours on the top sheet and bright base colours, it means less snow melt/freezing on top of the deck, and safety third below. i dig it.

    regarding the review linked here, i think the guy has taken some utpoetic license, he’s not actually regurgitating any NS hype, except the word ‘versatile’ and the ‘3 year warranty’, i’m pretty sure he’s made up the rest on his own. i agree, a lot of that content is questionable.

    i know you’re not really considering this deck Barrows, but in case others really do want answers to your questions… i’ve been on this deck for 3 years and i gots some…

    -the board really is versatile. it can handle speed well. i’ve learned 😳 to avoid avy debris at most speeds, but soft anything is not an issue. NS dampening is really good and this is a pretty damp deck from them, 7/10 damp on their scale.

    -between the RC profile and the vario sidecut, edge hold is very reliable. that combined with the short length, and fairly stiff flex (5.5/10 on NS’ scale), makes the board a great performer in steep terrain.

    -the RC profile is not a full banana, it does float well tho. i think theres maybe a bit more R than C, and in low angle deep powder you can feel this makes for some ‘plow’ over ‘plane’, but in steeper / faster situations and or settled powder you don’t feel that at all.

    -this deck makes all those turns, it’s made for turning. if you push the ‘long radius’ turns to the point where you’re almost flat basing / straight lining, the deck does get a bit squirrelly at high speeds, esp if in settled (firm underneath) snow. i think most decks with no taper and freestyle sidecuts will ride this way, but its only as big a deal as you make it… it’s not smooth but it doesn’t really lessen the control either, if you put the board back on edge, or shift your weight back to the tail, it stops being squirrelly. or just keep pointing it and accept that the back end will bump around a bit.

    -with the RC and vario there is no transition between carve and smear. there is always a touch of smear in the vario nose and you can push the board anytime anywhere to smear it more, it’s seamless, and it goes back on edge the same way. super fun, and great for situations where you need precision in speed and or direction.

    -the RC is also fine in breakable crust, i don’t agree with the linked review that it’s ‘virtually impossible to dig the nose in’ though it might feel that way if you get on it from a cambered board. when you get used to the profile you find… 🙄 … i found that i can still go over the bars if i really deserve it. i think the most difficult snow condition on this board is firm saturated snow, as i said you always have some smear in the nose and this can be slow if you haven’t waxed for it, while the edge is faster…. i think this snow condition is mostly found in bounds on groom, not so much an issue in the b/c.

    if you’re into freestyle riding this is a great board. i’m big into that style but maybe more on the big mountain end of the style spectrum, i do find that at the end of the resort season (i ride a 169x raptor around the ski hill), i have to adapt from a ‘charging’ style to the more ‘playful’ style that this board (163x) shines at…. although sometimes i forget and find myself between a rock and a big fast sluff, and this deck hasn’t let me down.

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    Thanks karkis! Right, I am not considering the SL, but am considering the Prospector 167X, especially if the published N-W-T widths are accurate. I know you have some level of relationship with NS, have you by any chance had anytime on the Prospector yet? If so, I would love for you to add any information you are free to share to the Prospector thread which I started. There are at least a couple of Prospector samples floating around here, but I have yet to see one in person…

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    @karkis wrote:

    utpoetic license


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    Does anyone have any comments on the touring performance of the NS SL 163X? I have a Lib Tech T.Rice I like for soft snow, but I absolutely hate the board in tour mode because of the reverse camber between the feet. having to “ski” out of a logging road or down a catwalk is a nightmare on that board compared to a few other splits i have.

    I have always been a big fan of Never Summer boards and really like my NS legacy solid, making me think i want a NS split. I am just concerned that the camber profile will perform as bad as the T.Rice in tour mode? I am hoping that the rocker -camber-rocker profile will perform better than Lib. The tour bracket mount looks like its placed better as well?


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    Touring bracket is placed in the perfect spot for popping out of deep snow or making a kick turn. Not as long as some decks, but the width offers good trail breaking performance. The rocker really helps in that department. Pretty good edge grip while traversing on firm snow, though it’d be better with less sidecut on the outside edge. Though I have not split skied the T Rice, I have no problems like what you or Kyle have described on low angle exits (though not quite as nice for split skiing as flat rocker). The only real issue I’ve had is the lack of skin contact for steep firm ascents, it will slip out on you at times even with good form.

    It looks like the new RC tour profile should help with this issue some, but it will never skin as well as a flat deck like Venture. That said I used the NS primarily this season, and will be considering purchasing the Prospector next year. I dont think the SL will have the extended tour rocker though. But its manageable unless you are doing a ton of firm snow skinning.

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    LOL check out his reply!!

    This is just another typical never summer cash for comment style review, they send out free boards, and the glowing reviews come flooding in by people who feel way too much emotional attachment to provide an accurate unbiased review.

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    Thanks for the comments HFT! I am torn and having a hard time making the choice. I know i will love the board, but wish i could try it in ski mode first. my other choice is the Venture zepher that i know performs well skinning, but i also know i like the ride of NS better. I guess the 163X at $800 is not much of a summer savings comparred to just waiting and getting the prospector when it comes out next season at what, $1200? ugg.

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    I think they are $999 without skins or hardware.

    I have the 11/12 model I will be selling to finance the Prospector or Xavier split. Probably be looking for around $400 with no hardware or skins. If I still have it come early next season you’d be welcome to demo it for a day.

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    @bobgnarly wrote:

    LOL check out his reply!!

    This is just another typical never summer cash for comment style review, they send out free boards, and the glowing reviews come flooding in by people who feel way too much emotional attachment to provide an accurate unbiased review.

    I disagree BGnarly. his comments were fair and what i was looking for. He rides a Venture as well and looks to have a lot of snowboarding experience to base a review on

    Thanks again HFT. i dont think the new prospector camber profile is going to be much of an improvment in “ski” mode as far as what i want anyways. The added Tapper looks good though. Still cant decide. Looks like i will never have a one board quiver anyways. I am a big fan of NS, so it looks like i am going to have to bite the bullet and get the NS split for next season and use my regular camber SKunk Ape when needed.

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    G note on a snowboard…. Crazy.

    Carry on

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    Ahh I can feel the love! Thanks for posting my review. The 2013-2014 Never Summer SL Splitboard performs better then the last Never Summer SL I tested back in 2011, especially at high speeds. I guess that would have been the 2012-2013 board? I felt the 2013-2014 split actually rode like a traditional board. There was virtually no gap in the board between the feet which is refreshing. The board holds it’s own at speed.

    To be honest I mostly tested the Never Summer SL splitboard up on Teton Pass, the snow was deep powder late in the season. In tight trees and on some nice open faces at Edelweiss bowl. I did not ride over any avalanche debri, conditions were stable allowing me to tour around the pass. I also mashed around on it for a couple days in the Mt Baker sidecounty that were tits deep. I think a McDonalds tray would have been epic those days. I tend to only ride good snow, I’m lucky I guess.

    The board skis well in touring mode, better then the Travis Rice split yet not as strong as the Venture Odin.

    The new splitboards all have there ups and downs. I would say this board is for someone wanting to get into the backcountry, away from the crowds but still have some freestyle radness. Butters, spins and jibs come natural on the Never Summer SL Splitboard. The board turns well and is a lot of fun to ride.

    If I’m riding a big line in Haines, I would always prefer to have a traditional snowboard under my feet. That being said I am very pleased with this board. It’s perfect for the Rockies, the NW and anywhere else you find yourself touring in North America.

    I just saw this post and it made me want to snowboard… So we went and toured on Togwotee Pass today.. [youtube:f6zy94ok]LhyiBJWZnRs[/youtube:f6zy94ok]

    Thanks for all the traffic to my website. I am more of a snowboarder, photographer, video hack then writer but I do try and get out and test gear as much as possible.

    My review of this years Spark Magneto’s is almost written. I will post the link here when it’s complete. Tour to ride mode and ride to tour mode in 30 seconds aint to shabby!!

    Barrows you want to test some gear for us this year?

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