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    Shred days have been far and few between these days, I can count them on two hands. :nononno: Fortunately I was able to sneak away with Barrows to the Park for some corn. Or what we hoped would be corn. Ended up not softening up enough. Made some survival turns and side slips through the upper portion of the couloir. Lower down on the apron we were able to get a few decent ones in though. Got to test out the Never Summer SL which is a super fun stick! Still better than the very best day in the city.


    Barrows loves the float of the Venture Storm!

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    Nice HFT, good to see your getting out. I’m going to have Thurs – Sun off next week, and probably one floater ::cough cough:: . We should tour prior to the fest. See you in a weekish.

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    Good timing HFT. We planned to take advantage of record temps in hopes that they would soften the entire line for fun turns, alas we did have to do a fair amount of self belayed side slipping through the icy crux, oh well, we still got in a few good turns on beautiful day in RMNP. Here is some POV from the day:


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    Damn you coloradins are some ugly muts! Good thing you know how to shred. Nice work.

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    GOOOOOOO Team FUGLY! :bananas:

    Fawk I miss those 2 outstanding bastards! Way to go on the crux shred boyz :thatrocks:

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    Nice Job. Sounds like a day in the sierra with the hard crap up top

    barrows- how old are you? ( Im racing LewMT for the lead)

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    nice work, I was just thinking of hitting up this. Looks like conditions were pretty gnarly up in the choke

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    Realistically, the crux section is probably a few degrees over 45, and is fairly narrow, it should be no problem in good snow conditions. A day or two before we were there, some folks had skied the line, and they side stepped for about 300-400 feet through most of the upper line, leaving a corrugated surface, which had then re-frozen. On this day it never warmed up enough for the surface at the crux to soften, so it was frozen, and bumpy (I just think the sun angle in March, even on S exposures, is not right for the surface to really warm up and the most of the solar radiation just bounces off). Neither HFT nor myself felt that making turns on the bumpy frozen surface was safe on this day, but if the surface had really softened it would have been fine. A couple more weeks, and a cloudless, windless day should do it (or a big storm and powder).

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