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    A wicket is a short piece of light gauge, bend-resistant wire formed into shape to loop through the clothing of a skier or snowboarder. It serves as a secure attachment point for a lift ticket as well as preventing transferability.

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    Thats strong enough to hold skins in place? Good solution for odd shaped tail clips like swallow tails that might not accept the standard shaped attachments.

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    So far so good with the bare wickets. I haven’t tried the Plasti-dipped wickets yet, but they really grip the sides of the board and don’t budge at all. I think my skin mod days are done for now as this setup is the best I have used yet.

    It’s simple and cheap and light. 3 oz. savings per foot, and that weight is being lost at the outermost points. Also, there is a backup sleeve between the zigzag and straight stitch in case main sleeve fails (I used scrap 210 dyneema and cuben fiber for toes, tails are 420d hi tensile fabric).

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    @permnation do you have any more pics of this? How did they work out for the rest of the season? Looks like Photobucket was on to you too..

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