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    Preface: Some months ago, after I was complaining about the lack of production splitboards capable of handling large radius, high speed turns, I received an email from @scooby2. In so many words he told me that he was tired of hearing me complain about the lack of availability of such boards and that he was going to shape a Preflex for me. He makes big turns too, and had set out to solve problems like dangerous shovel folding with his Preflex shapes. We talked through specs and objectives. That board arrived this spring, coming in sub $1000 for full custom. More about the building process and specs here.

    Before it gets too scuffed up, I wanted to post some images of it because it is beautiful, and Scooby2 is probably too modest to show off his craftsmanship. I will use this thread to post a review also, once I get more days on it.

    A few key things about this board:

    1. It’s beautiful, obviously.
    2. It is very, very stiff, and does not flex much. It has very little of what we’ll call “active rocker.”
    3. It has a lot of rocker, which we’ll call “passive rocker.”
    4. Numbers 2 and 3 combine to make a board designed to be very stable and stout in high-speed, large radius turns (very little active rocker safeguards from shovel folds), while also affording some nimbility at lower speeds and tighter spaces given its abundant passive rocker — it’s already flexed to shape, if you will. In this way, the Preflex reflects a fundamentally different design approach than other snowboards and splitboards.
    5. It’s 187 / 34-28-31. Length is measured along the length of the base. It’s about 182 tall.
    6. The core stringers are shaped from tip to tail to the board’s rocker and thickness profile. This gives it a fundamentally diffrent feel than boards whose rocker-camber profiles are tensioned to shape with heat and epoxy. More on that later.

    For now, some images.


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    Awesome, awesome stuff! I have been wondering the price and under a grand is an amazing deal for full custom. The 2nd to last pic makes me smile.

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    Looks like a nice snowy-high country home for that board, stoked!

    Here’s another mug shot of that board’s rocker line:


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    You’re an animal @scooby2! Well done. :drool:
    Careful @taylor, you’ll put yer eye out! :guinness:

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    That’s a beaut.

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