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    I may or may not have time to do this line on Sunday, but have a little time to get out. I may be dumb for trying this, but want to tag the summit of Bierstadt and ride down (only can ride that mountain with good solid snow) and if I di it quick enough, Maybe I can check out the south side of Square top. I was originally planning on coming up the Georgetown side, not Grant, so Square Top probably won’t happen (at least not this weekend)..

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    Ok, did Bierstadt in a whiteout on Sunday. It was not optimal, but I made out OK.
    Looking forward to doing some more in June.

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    yeah sunday was definetly not the day to go up high. IT WAS DUMPING LIKE CRAZY! id say 5-8 inches in the basin of parnasus.. this was as far as I got and the lighting shut me down, when ever the sun actually comes out it will be game on around here. stupid weather. …. complaining but loving it!!!!

    can you see the 1800 foot line right above you? yeah me either…
    the summit of the peak is above the top of the picture just a tad to the left…

    51815 009" />

    more pics to keep the stoke alive! LONG LIVE THE COLD

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    Some pictures from the past few weeks for you CT! Its been fat up above 11K down here.

    Grande, end of April I think. It was deep.

    The time and heat has been playing a large factor this year. The sun came out for maybe 20 minutes, which made us try and get down fast. As we were coming, loose wet avalanches starting going. As you can see it passed our uptrack and our downtrack. Bit spooky, something to note though.

    2 weeks ago we didn’t get many pictures, but here is an idea

    And crazy to see low elevations don’t have much snow. Snowline really starts around 10.5 and up.

    Last weekend we went to the Naked Lady on Snowden Peak. If you have driven Molas Pass, you wouldn’t miss it.

    Weather was funky, one minute full whiteout, then more sun, then back to whiteout.

    It was fat!

    Vert were key.

    Unless you had 4 legs.

    This is the only real riding picture I could get because it was full whiteout for all other riders. Pardon the token skier, but you get the idea. It was full overhead blower.

    Another token skier

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    It’s the Miracle May. I ride solo, so, short of getting a drone camera–which would in turn require I ride with a shotgun (heavy, dangerous)–I can’t offer riding shots.

    But it’s May, and I haven’t ridden corn since mid-April. It’s been all pow, and all varieties of pow, and in mass quantities. Stoke is running high. Looking forward to corn deep into July.


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    Keeping the stoke alive! Spent two days in Yankee Boy Basin last weekend. So much gnar out there. The powder held on, but is maybe overcooking this week. Saturday we were a bit late for the visibility (slow going on 550 due to the road race) so we rode low angle alpine in shit light and whiteout conditions. Sunday, we made the mistake of thinking the clouds were going to hold based on the forecast, which they didn’t, and at 11am all N facing aspects were wet sliding. We still made the most of it, but not as intended, but I do have a lifetime of lines I saw though in a new area.

    Teakettle and Potosi. We wanted to do the SW face of Potosi, but not enough snow.

    Most of my splitboard buddies have hung it up it seems, but good thing I have the token skier.

    Road is good to go all the way to the top of Yankee Boy and up into Governors Basin.

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    So, it looks like the low temps have not been getting below freezing and the snow-pack is likely to wet slide this weekend (June 6-7) so I think I may sit it out.. thoughts?

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    That plus the onset of tropical moisture will keep RH high precluding evaporative cooling and freezing. I have a commanding view of the Sawatch from my house and this week saw more–way more–avalanche activity than I’ve seen all season. Massive cornice falls and wet slides all over the place. Also, since I’m going bike touring, it will rain heavily.


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    Also, since I’m going bike touring, it will rain heavily.

    Ain’t that the truth!

    Be sure to bookmark's Recent Activity page...

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    FUCK YEAH COLORADO STOKE!! NICE work everyone! SICK terrain your looking into summers gone- stoke is still high, just like the temps around here lately.
    YES! as taylor and SG have posted the warm up activity has taken its toll on most aspects. It is absolutley imparative that you are up before the sun and hiking the frozen snow. I am seeing wet peanut butter all over the place, most recently on north facing aspects. STAY HIGH and even then the fronts are melting out to a similar elevation that SG is seeing 10.5-12 depending on aspect.

    I need more than an iphone for pictures. Sorry. It is easy to carry!

    a few days after my last picture from basically the same spot
    6-5-15 013" />
    Im not sure the true north fills in this well on a normal year but this is no normal year
    6-5-15 044" />
    this was probably the last day of true pow for the season, and it felt great
    kerry dipping in
    6-5-15 063" />
    a couple days later and lost rat couly was kind of an inbetween pow and corn, id call it whipped cream. And I got whited out on top of that rock. I forgot we had walkies and so did my partner>>>!? so I ended up missing a real clean large rock drop.
    6-5-15 084" />
    A couple days later and I had the pleasure of getting out with Kerry(seen here summiting this glacier) , and John Keffler (background) , the owner of phantom bindings.
    6-5-15 096" />
    an early start and a long mostly flat approach brought us to this beauty, we skied the more inset couly of the lookers left
    6-5-15 098" />
    Im sure John has some good pictures as he uses a real camera, heres one of him lower in the couloir.
    6-5-15 119" />
    atop our second line of the day with “the peak we just climbed and skied” behind kerry and John. (always something amazing about being able to say that!)
    6-5-15 132" />
    got a day solo near the divide and tagged a couple peaks and it is FULL ON CORN NOW! as of 6-3-15. So start your clock early and walk with the sunrise or before, she is melting and moving higher and higher in elevation. get it while the gettins still good!
    corn on east aspect at 8:30A. elevation is 13k and change
    6-5-15 155" />
    sun was so strong I didnt get many after turn shots, and LOTS OF WET SLIDES all aspects. crazy warmup for us. The fronts are melting FAST-
    citadel north couly runneled and wet slid pinched so I rode farther left in the photo, can you see my turns?
    6-5-15 163" />
    summit of pettingall
    6-5-15 166" />
    super fun day getting in three runs and touring with the sun and aspects! It is still amazing out there if you are willing to put in some work!! thanks for keeping the stoke alive guys! COLORADO is a special place.
    6-5-15 181" />


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    and then! you know we dont stop till 4th of july!

    drift peak north face with John Keffler and a pro shredder we met in the parking lot.. (thats another story in itself)
    snow sucked, rain freeze the night before made it not so awesome. rebate to just below the summit made it all worth while!
    6-10-15 025" />

    pretty rain freeze artwork
    6-10-15 006" />

    some friends comming to lick my tailpipe
    6-10-15 036" />

    pano from atop fletcher pk- i skied from its summit all the way to the res below cristo couly on qaundary. not super gnar but definelty a LONG ride down!
    6-10-15 057" />

    from the summit of the peak in center (my line just left of peak) all the way down the basin plus another 3-500 vert below me that SKIED well, south facing, around 12.
    6-10-15 067" />

    as you can see there is still plenty of snow left, best aspects to ski lately have been east first, then south , then north. in that order. SHRED ON COLORADO!

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