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    Hey @chase yup some beta. Everything is massively stable. Below treeline depths are not good. Up in the alpine is where it is at. Some corn can be found but it is a bit tricky the past days with the wind, and has created firm conditions in places. And we didn’t get any dust which is awesome,. I have been finding corn on s to e aspects, around 12k from noon till 4. Doesn’t ever seem to be “too late” so for me early starts are not necessary because the corn holds all day. Didn’t corn on n and w aspects at all yet and is pretty firm. We will see how Friday is for warmth but if it gets a tad warmer could be stellar corn skiing on all the big lines and hopefully all aspects. The next 2 days look a bit firm though.

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    what is going on in COLORADO?? where the fuck are all the shredders? I know its good out there so show me some action! did everyone already turn it in for the summer routine in APRIL? stoked to see some shots from splitfest! stoked to see some pictures from down there.

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    Had a little scare up on Berthoud on Saturday. Entering Hourglass over the convex roll, had a small point release. All in all nice run though. Corn from ~11am – 4pm

    Bride of Frankenstein aka Second Creek Couloirs:


    Seems like it has been pretty quiet round here! Guess thats because its stable and big lines are going down 🙂 The last few weeks have been pretty great up here. Checked off a handful of local lines up in the mosquito range and an amazing day in the gore last sunday. Spring split- mtneering season is here in full swing!!!!

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    amazingly long badass day- got a rare line in nice conditions! top of demming peak
    marchandapril 042" />

    southparksplit getting spicy!
    marchandapril 047" />

    top of square top
    marchandapril 002" />

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    get it while the gettins good! shred on friends!

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    where are those splitfest pics! ??

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    The deep easterly flow on Thursday and Friday pummeled the southern Sawatch and Arkansas River Valley. It even got deep in Salida, with around 20″ in town. On the pass, I’d guess upwards of 3′ – with a bit more each day since. A welcome change after a slow late winter and spring.

    Previously wind-scoured and melted terrain is now filled in again. It’s heavy, slow, and begs steeper lines. We’ve been getting after it each day–making more turns than pictures. With evening light now reaching into the 7 o’clock hour, after-work evening sessions are on tap for the week.

    What an awesome time of year. What a season-saving storm. Let’s hope it keeps up.

    Shred on!


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    Driving home last night from a weekend in the Utah desert we encountered real winter conditions–cold snow, lots of it, still dumping, low 20s–atop Monarch Pass. Twenty degrees and well over a foot of fresh for this morning’s dawn patrol. Not bad for May 11th.


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    I was up on Saturday, as well (on Guanella). snow was descent…

    I may be getting up this coming Saturday (5/16) as well, depending on weather and some other things…

    I will also be targeting the Angle of Shavano if conditions permit in early June, if anyone wants to join me..

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    I may be up for Angel of Shavano in June. Someone posted a very aesthetic line on it about a week and half ago. I’ll see if I can put up a pic this evening. It’s filled in nicely.


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    awesome !! I will post back here when time gets closer..

    thinking maybe the first weekend in June?
    I would probably camp out.

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    what up CO! hope everyone is enjoying this 2nd winter we are having! it has been pretty good in the front range and there are more lines to ski then time and energy allow. Seems that the snow line before it goes to junk is around 10k this time of year and I honestly have not had much corn yet except down around that elevation. It has consistently been ” go higher” for about the last month as we had a depressing yet helpful warm trend that seemed to stabilize a lot of the higher peaks. Well hope there are some people out there enjoying this. Its quickly becoming my favorite part of the season!

    enough talk..

    southparksplitnek is a crusher! great getting out with you!
    4-20-15 110" />

    the TF in pow is a lot of steps…
    4-20-15 136" />

    top of torreys
    4-20-15 139" />

    the emporer in pretty much prime condition, the best couly snow Ive skied to date.
    4-20-15 167" />
    4-20-15 178[I/img]
    top of ellingman? near bert
    [img]5-11-15 skiing! 055" />

    4-20-15 009" />
    NE couly
    4-20-15 017" />

    baldy peak
    4-20-15 026" />

    the best part of the day… honestly!
    4-20-15 070" />

    5-11-15 skiing! 083" />

    cristo in good shape, off the top
    5-11-15 skiing! 088" />
    southpark plotting the best route up for lap two, after we skied cristo
    5-11-15 skiing! 102" />

    sick pic(thanks John) topping out across from quandary and the cristo – northstar mt. I think?
    [Img]5-11-15 skiing! 110[/img]

    again with the sick snow in big shots!
    5-11-15 skiing! 117" />
    looking back up at the line
    5-11-15 skiing! 137" />

    weather moving in on a special line John wants good light in!
    5-11-15 skiing! 170" />

    SouthParkSpit looking in on the seldom filled in Russian Couloir off of mt Lincoln
    5-11-15 skiing! 172" />

    first turns before the choke
    5-11-15 skiing! 174" />

    southpark finding the white room in MAY?? oh yeah COLORADO!
    5-11-15 skiing! 177" />

    5-11-15 skiing! 178" />
    5-11-15 skiing! 179{/img]

    Russian couloir, mt Lincoln
    [img]5-11-15 skiing! 183" />

    and a couple that are bound to happen this time of year!

    easy access congo line
    5-11-15 skiing! 195" />

    some snow that shouldn’t be ridden..
    5-11-15 skiing! 163" />

    where did the summit go?
    5-11-15 skiing! 155" />

    and some dreaming of what could have been
    5-11-15 skiing! 158" />

    BUT ITS NOT OVER so go out and get you some!

    big props to all my riders who are still out getting it and stay in that snow! we have plenty of hot ass days to come. enjoy the snow till its gone! — that doesn’t mean ride it to zero, unless that’s fun for you. in that case GET RAD!

    SHRED on!

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    that’s a ton of nice pics!

    well done.

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    SOMEONE has to keep the winter stoke alive!

    and those pics are why Colorado kicks ass.

    deagol? did you get a look into square top south face? if its in its one of the longest lines in the fronts!

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    I did Square Top east face last June and the north face last weekend, but have not done the south face. I love Square top for it’s easy access…

    how far down can you ride the south face?

    I may actually try to tag Bierstadt this Sunday and I am guessing it won’t take long, I wonder if I would have time to check this south face out ?? although that would be pretty darn ambitious.

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    I haven’t unloaded pictures from my camera yet, but its been damn good down here too CT. Seems that every weekend there is a storm, perfect for us weekend warriors. Been touring up on Silverton Mtn area, Sunday got a tour down the W face of red three in a foot of blower. Pretty awesome for may, and making up for the season a bit. Looks like more on the way too.

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    Hey Deagol – First world problems, but I’m going on a bike tour with my lady the first weekend of June. I could do the weekend before or after, and camping – yes. Also, it might be cool to go camp back near Clover — a big, wide-open ramp with other nearby lines and more snow thaw Shavano.


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    thanks for the update. I, too, am going off on a non-snow camping trip the last week of May, so the 1st weekend of June is when I will be available.. I will post here around that time and maybe when you get back from your bike tour, a possibility will open up?

    have fun !

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    that’s good to hear SG! glad the snow is sticking around!

    Deagol- Im not exactly sure how far down south square top goes, there is a forest camping road at the bottom of the south face, I would drop a car or a bike there and go as far up the Geneva resort road as possible… I think this line is in fritz’s guide book, making turns– I just studied it on google earth after seeing it first hand.

    I can’t wait to see some pics from around this amazing state!

    please don’t taint this thread with summer pics…… I think that will start a drought again. haha

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