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    I wanted to start a thread to discuss this forthcoming board. While I have always admired the quality, and attention to detail of NS’ boards, they really have not produced a shape which has interested me, apparently until now…
    I am looking for info from anyone who has seen these boards in person, or perhaps, even, gotten a ride on one…

    The NS 13/14 catalog posted online has the following info for specs for the 167X (perfect size for me):

    Nose: 309mm, Waist: 268mm, Tail: 290mm

    This adds up to a sidecut depth of around 16mm (very shallow, despite NS’ listed radius equivalent of something under 9m????), and a taper amount of 19mm (lots, yay!) With the taper and stiffness, this board looks to be a cross between a Raptor and a Summit, keeping what I consider the best qualities of each, and really seems to be designed for real riding in the backcountry.

    Now, maybe these published measurements are in error, but if not I am very excited to get my hands on one these…

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    Just by looking at the catalog, it reminds me of the old NS Titan. Looks like a great option if you don’t like the Summit or SL.

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    I too am eager to demo this baby (ahem, killclimbz)

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    I’ve been looking for the catalog, and I know we had it linked before, can we have another link? I have a raptor and that board kills it. If the prospector is a raptor with a little taper, whoaaa….

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    added pics. I was not all that stoked on my buddies RaptorX 169 in AK on the steep and deep. Allthough I am curious if the directional rocker camber (DRC) like on next years Raptor would give me more of the ride I prefer over the extended tour rocker camber (EXTRC) on the Prospector. Perhaps the taper alone will give me what i want.

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    HFT: I would suspect that the RC on the Prospector would also be shifted back: with 19 mm of taper, the board has to be designed with a significant set back in the stance, and it would make sense for the RC profile to be set back to match.
    I really think the taper is key here. My Chimera Mace only has 4 mm of taper, and I really feel the difference in comparison to the furberg (~12 mm taper) and Storm (~10 mm taper). I like more taper for sure, as it makes the tail easier to push around and less catchy, and allows the rider to exit turns early if desired. Boards with no taper, like the Raptor, usually want to finish turns really hard, with lots of high pressure edge grip in tail: fun on hardpack, not so fun (at least for me) in the backcountry.
    I was surprised at how well the furberg skins (with significant rocker between the feet, like NS), even with standard G3 skins I had plenty of grip: do you find the SL to skin well enough?

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    My SL is the least capable of all my boards when it comes to climbing a firm uptrack. It’s not night-and-day different, but you need some really grippy skins if you want to claw your way up a glazed-over skin track or attack boilerplate. Binding crampons help a little. On anything soft I don’t see any downside to climbing with a rocker-center board. And I really like the rest of the ride. The tail is a little catchy, but the edge hold is epic. A very smooth, well-damped, cruisey riding board. I sort of doubt the tiny extra flat area on the Prospector would erase the climbing deficit, especially when compared to a full or partially cambered board.

    In the end, the profile that benefits uphill climbing when you have a single mass point on the board (the touring hardware) is fundamentally at odds with the profile that benefits downhill riding when you have two mass points on the board (the bindings). Improve one aspect and you pretty much detract from the other. That’s why I like owning both styles of boards: RC and traditional.

    I’d probably swap my SL for a Prospector though. I’m also a devotee of taper.

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    philip: good feedback, like I said, I found the furberg to skin really well, even with the mid rocker, and no inside edge (I guess the hard boots help as well), so I am not really worried about the skin performance of the Prospector, but when in doubt, ski crampons can work wonders. I guess I would rock G3 “high traction” skins on a Prospector, I have only used normal G3s on the furberg.
    I am only considering the Prospector in the first place because of the taper, I am not interested in non tapered boards.
    Here in CO 90% of skinning is on powdery tracks, and the other 10% is usually pretty predictable (such that one can be prepared with ski/boot crampons.)

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    What do people NOT like about their SLs?

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    I know folks who love the SL, but it is not the right board for me. Not that there is anything wrong with it, it is just a little too freestyle oriented for my riding style. The NS catalog clearly espouses the freestyle influence on the SL. The SL is a slighty directional near twin, with a deep sidecut, and no taper. I prefer a tapered board, more directional, with less sidecut; this kind of shape gives better float, more stability, and loosens up the tail a little to make the board more surfy, and easier to push the tail around, or change turn shapes mid turn (smear and slarve).
    The Prosepector, in the 167X model, is the first design from NS which really appeals to me, and the way I ride-less sidecut, 19 mm of taper, with a medium/stiff flex. I am not sure how I will like the RC profile, but it does bear some resemblance to the rocker profile on the furberg, so I am hoping that it will give similar benefits. It appears to me that the Prospector was designed from a relatively clean slate, to be a backcountry board, rather than being a solid board designed for resort riding, which was then just made into a split-this is the first board from NS designed specifically as a splitboard; there is no solid Prospector.

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    My solid board is a NS Titan (essentially a Raptor) and I love it. It’s the best all around freeride board i’ve ridden and after 4-5 seasons it still looks brand new. Im a big fan of NS and their quality. Their two split shapes haven’t impressed me either as the Summit would only suit me maybe 5% of the days and a twin is useless to my style of riding. Stoked to see a split that resembles the Raptor.

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    I just did some math… The published N-W-T of the 167X is 30.9-26.8-29.0, if this is right, the “equivalent” sidecut radius (radius of a circle, based on sidecut depth and contact length) would be 13.42 meters.
    I would be really psyched if these widths are correct, but I fear the catalog may have a misprint.

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    how do you know how far apart the nose and tail measurements are in calculating that curve?

    It would be awesome to have a formula where you could enter nose width, waist tail and length of contact area and figure out contact length surface area, have you taken a crack a that one?

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    Scooby: I do not remember much from High School math, luckily there is the Internet. I used this calculator for the radius of an arc:

    It is not always entirely clear what dimension a manufacturer might mean when they say contact (or edge) length. I did use the 130 cm published in the catalog, even if it was 125 cm, the calculated radius would not change that much. I hope NS’ published numbers are right, if so, this board really interests me with its taper and relatively moderate sidecut, but I fear a missprint here…

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    Did you try asking in an email? NS are usually very responsive.
    I am interested in the Prospector as well. My Summit Split is too noodly for my taste, so something with increased stiffness from NS is very much welcome.

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    @moridinbg wrote:

    Did you try asking in an email? NS are usually very responsive.
    I am interested in the Prospector as well. My Summit Split is too noodly for my taste, so something with increased stiffness from NS is very much welcome.

    My Dealer (Bola) and I actually talked to one of their design engineers about it (they are buddies) and he was not totally sure on the dimensions, he did say the Prospector has a “GS type” sidecut. There are apparently a few demo boards floating about as well, so I might get to try one of those.
    I am only doing preliminary research on boards for next year right now, so I am in no real hurry. Once it gets to be late summer, I can look further into it. I would prefer to just measure and actual board to be sure.

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    My understanding is that, due to logistical and technical issues, the 167x’s have not yet been produced.
    i guess there’s some shorter ones floating round, it would be interesting to see if they match the specs from the catalog

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    You are dead on Karkis. Never Summer just moved their factory and they are playing catch up on production. Unfortunately it has put split run on the bottom of the list. There is a 161 Prospector out there and maybe one or two more. Last I heard they were making rounds for mags like Backcountry and such. I don’t know if they are going to be able to get anymore done to take out and demo or not.

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    Thanks karkis and killz, that is good to know. So no 167Xs available to demo. I did hear they got the board back from the backcountry mag test.
    The 167X is all I am really interested in, as it hits my sweetspot for a board which is long enough to charge, but short enough to flip around quickly (especially with the significant taper)… Just have to wait ’til late summer fall to get the full dope.

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