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    So last year I had issues with my poles sticking, in the compacted position. Really bad, like I had to use pliers to get them out, and even then it was a major PITA.

    So I called Black Diamond to see if there was anything they would suggest I could do to fix it. They told me there probably wasn’t, and they would just send me a new pair! Stoked…

    So I shipped off the old ones and the new ones arrived today, with a few improvements…

    1. They now have a secondary lower grip for traversing or steep parts. I see this as a big bonus.

    2. A new flick lock mechanism. Seems lighter, more stream line and better action than last years.

    3. A new grey coating, not sure what it is. Not anodizing, maybe a powder coat?

    The poles feel great and come in at 615g for the 125’s that compact to 22.4 or 630g for the 140’s that compact to 24″

    I’m not sure if these may be a little heavier than last years with the added rubber grip, I’ll have to check

    Anyways I’m stoked on them and can’t wait for the snow to hit the ground..

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    I’ve had that problem too. Both times I had to destroy the middle piece to get it out. Just make sure you separate the sections so they dry after each tour.

    The new whippets are pretty rad. Im impressed by the new flick lock mechanism.

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    Ya, I figured that out after it was too late. They already had the powdery erosion going on. They said once it starts, there really isn’t much to do to combat it.

    I also asked em if they sold the top of the 3 piece whippets separately. No go.

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    The best thing I’ve found for preventing poles sticking is to spray them with silicone lube a few times a year. Even if they freeze they’ll still extend/collapse. Keeps the white oxidation from forming. The black diamond flick lock works great, holds the pole securely even when lubed. Hope this helps.

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    Best thing about the new ones is the notch on the end of the grip is amazing for raising climbing wires and undoing ratchets


    When we met with BD last spring to preview the new goods, one of the first things we talked about was the pole corrosion issues. They definitely know it can become and issue, and the new coating is suppose to drastically help with that problem.

    We used the older style for nearly 3 seasons, and like many others, there are now claw marks from pliers on the lower 2 sections 😆

    If you do have an older pair, like mentioned above, keeping them from ever corroding is the key. Its a little more work than just tossing them into your gear pile or closet, but in the long run it can make the poles last many more seasons. First step is to pull the 3 sections apart when you get back to your car, and dry them off. Moisture is the devil for aluminum! A quick wipe down is recommended. Once you get them home, leave them apart! Store them taken apart and they will never corrode.

    Ours get the worst at the end of the summer, touring in the spring/summer in dirty snow gets tons of good contaminants on the poles. We collapsed them and left em for 3 months and forgot about them till it started dumping in October. Needless to say, we nearly missed a day of skinning because neither of us had a pair of poles :banghead:

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    I will say after using them on a trip in early Oct to the SW chutes on Adams, I’m not sold on the new flick lock mechanism.

    I was close to the top on an icy slope (forgot the ski crampons) and I slipped a couple times. The flick locks opened on me more than once. This never would have happened with the old design. The new ones are more streamlined, but may be a bit to springy IMO

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    @saign wrote:

    Ya, I figured that out after it was too late. They already had the powdery erosion going on. They said once it starts, there really isn’t much to do to combat it.

    I also asked em if they sold the top of the 3 piece whippets separately. No go.

    Firstlight has made himself a pair of 3 stage whippets.
    unfortunately it results in two pairs of expensive poles turning into one pair of expensive poles but they are badass!

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    So I went on a birthday tour this last weekend, and when I got home I was stoked to find my new 2 piece whippet on the doorstep. I opened it up and was pretty sure that the lowers from the expeditions would slide right in. So I went out to my truck to grab my pack…the only thing left on it were the two lower most pieces.

    The flicklocks opened while I was riding and I lost the middle and upper section on both poles. I then played with the flicklocks on the whippet, and found out that the new flicklock is really nice. Just not on the pair I got, or they needed to be adjusted, because they would pop open with the slightest force.

    So I called BD and they gave me wholesale on another set. Which was nice of them, because I have no proof of what happened. I may have raised a stink, but I was already on a pair of free poles from them so I guess that’s just how the cooky crumbles sometimes.

    Lessons learned:

    If your flicklocks feel too springy, adjust them

    and they new whippets will except your expedition lowers to convert a 2 piece to a 3 piece if you don’t want to go the carbon route

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    I’m not fan on the fliplock on BD’s expedition poles as well. I lost the lower section of my pole while I was coming down from Smith Brooks in January. I discovered the fliplock easily opened while I was descending. I contacted BD warranty department to be told I would have to purchase a new lower section for $10, no problem. I followed their advice to tighten the screw on the flip-lock mechanism. However, I can still get the fliplock to open with minimal force after the adjustment. It only takes a minor tap for it to open. This is probably the third incident I came across this year regarding the fliplock issue.

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