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Thanks for the inquiry. The upgraded hardware is new stainless steel allen head, flat top, counter sunk bolts for the touring hardware. The original bolts are Phillips, and strip the first time you need to take them out or retighten them. Also the pucks for the binding sliders (Voile system – on each half of the board) are only held to the board with 4 short self tapping screws. These have pulled out on more than one setup and we now provide T-nuts with stainless steel allen head bolts. All fastening hardware has been upgraded to allen headed stainless steel bolts. We are currently experimenting with a new fastening method for the nose/tail hardware to get away from the rivets that are used. I have NOT installed steel edges on the cut inside edge for customers, but it can be done. I have experimented with the installation and use of the internal edge and find it to be not necessary. The vertical wall created from the cut and the hard base makes a sufficient edge. Remember that this is an ascension tool, not a down hill tool so the inside edge isn’t critical. I have provided this service to friends and family and we are getting lots of requests for this service so a website was in need. Pricing varies depending on the specifics of what you want done; i.e. base repaired after hardware installation (lots of holes are left in the base from the counter sinking for the T-nuts) and waxing/tuning of the board beyond the split kit installation. Please inquire via the website for pricing for your specific situation and needs.