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When I go back…I want to live at a hut in the mountains when I do. Do you know of any contacts that allow for people to stay at rustic mountain huts for extended periods? I want to be able to establish myself at a base camp up in the alpine. vs. having to depend on a car to get up to a starting point.

I would agree with the previous post. There are plenty of huts that allow you to stay with them and they provide service. E.g. there are people who run it and you pay each night and can buy served food. Kind of like a guesthouse. Popular ones would be Franz-Senn-Hütte or Ambergerhütte in the Stubai Alps but there are loads of them. Check out this site – it’s in German – but gives somewhat of an idea on names and location:

Also there are – and i think this is more what you are after – people that rent out little rustic houses in the alps. they come without service and at times dont have electricity. these are way harder to find without knowing people, but often the tourist centres in the villages/valleys will have a list. also you need to book quite in advance. i think that’s fine for a couple of days, but probably difficult to do it for longer than a week. I know there are some in eastern tirol (Osttirol) in Kartitsch, Hintervillgraten and other places, but you can find them anywhere.

Thirdly, there also exist so called “winter rooms”. those are shelters of alpine huts, which are closed over the winter. sometimes you need to rent a key with the alpine club (alpenverein). they are usually equipped with wood and blankets, but bring a sleeping bag because they are freezing. normally you bring your own food and use the stove to heat and cook, etc. they are the preferred option for two or three day tours, but doubt you’d cope it for much longer. you can see what it’s like on our website here:

I dont really get it. Is Brian the owner of the Backyard?

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