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+1 for a teepee/floor-less type tent.
You should check out Nemo’s Pentalite. It sleeps up to 3 people comfortably for winter applications. It has a dedicated area for gear and/or cooking and is much easier to set it up tight (verses the competition) due to it’s shape. At just under 3.5lbs it’s the best winter tent that I’ve ever used. Note: I’ve also used GoLite, Mtn Hardware, Garuda, and Blackdiamond teepee tents as well.
Nemo’s Transform Tarp is another teepee type option. It sleeps up to 2 people comfortably for winter use and is just over 2.5lbs. It doesn’t set up as nice as the Pentalite, but it gets the job done wonderfully.

Personally I would avoid a bivy because you’ll want space to store your gear out of the elements and/or for cooking. I’ve done the bivy thing during the winter and will never do it again.