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Phish came to Red Rocks last summer and I went up to tailgate with some hippie friends. I thought I could try to score a ticket. Boy, was I surprised. Usually, when a band schedules more than one night in a row, it is because they are so big they want to allow more people to see them. However, the same Phish fans just buy up tickets to all four nights. I never understood that. :scratch:

Oh well, I’m just a casual fan. It would have been nice to see them, but I was not willing to go to the extremes of what some of the hippies were. One kid was just walking up and down the parking lot with $200 cash fanned out in front of him, looking for a seller. He told us that his girlfriend was ‘miracled’ (I guess that means someone gave her a ticket), and she was in the concert with some other dude. He maintained that this was a perfectly normal scenario. WTF? :scratch:

Anyways…this summer I’ll be seeing a lot of shows, but one show has me stoked above all others…

:headbang: :headbang: :headbang: