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mabye i’m a little late on this thread, but i would add to the 4 pages of this thread telling you to not cheap out. if someone came here onto splitboard.com looking for a rig to get them out into the backcountry on a budget are you going to tell them to buy a 10 yr old voile noodle or a hacked DIY board thats beaten so dude can hit a $200 price point…hell no. same thing with bikes. if you buy cheap, you get cheap..no bones about it. sack up, spend the extra $500-700 and get yourself a real bike. there were plenty of ads in mountain bike action recently with some great deals on last years kona’s. if i remember correctly you could get a last years Dawg (5″ travel dually) for like $1200 bucks…now that is a bike that can go somewhere. if you drop $500 on an entry level trek hardtail you’ll be kicking yourself on probably like the 2nd ride.

FWIW, i just dropped a good chunk of change this summer building up a santa cruz nomad. its my first new bike in 12 years, and the differance between a high end light hardtail (my old bike) and a 6″ dually with disc brakes is astounding. places where i once felt out of control i just rally thru like they aren’t there. roots, rocks and drops hardly exist anymore. with hydraulic disc brakes you can actually stop. awesome. i might have gone broke building it, but i haven’t regretted it for a second, and literally every time i look at the bike i think ” i wanna go ride”. money well spent in my opinion…heck, i might just go out for a quick one right now up on teton pass…where the mt biking is as good as the skiing.

don’t cheap out, you won;t think about that extra $500-700 when you are bombing down the side of the mountain in the middle of july..feeling just as free as when you are ripping a turn on a snowboard