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Well UTAH, I can’t answer as a Prior owner, but I can answer as a potential Prior customer… I was seriously consider a Khyber 160 for my next board, but now, I dunno… I (like everyone else on SB.com) would love Voile to drop their new model(s) on us ASAP, but in the meantime, I’m back to looking at a Freeride or a Gun. I might pick up a khyber if REI puts them on wicked-good sale around the time I finally drop cash for a split, but I would probably never buy one straight from Prior at this point…

So that’s the deal Prior guys: if you leave these complaints unanswered, and you don’t make a lot of people out there become your advocates through excellent customer service, people aren’t going to trust you as a company. Right now, the ATV and the Khyber are the two models you make that really set you apart from other companies out there. At some point, these will get direct competition… If you have convinced your customers that you are a good company by then, I’m sure you’ll have no problem, but if not, you’ll lose your audience.