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Nice one Kyle! I don’t have too much to add- a few pics and some great memories of ridin with you guys. Glad to see you got to ride SouthSis too. I think solo and i will try her soon, hopefully with less wind. As for the North Sis:

In the forest -splitbootin’ shot:

Our objective from a bit farther:

Here’s the bowl between the moraine and the Thayer Glacier Headwall to provide some scale. That’s Kyle and Jimw about a quarter mile ahead of me (which is where they always seemed to be…animals!):

The view East from our ridge looking out over the high desert of Central OR:

Looking down our descent to that giant bowl:

And finally, if you look really close you can see our tracks and the ridge Jim jumped just above halfway and to the right:

all in all a blast with representatives from all three pacific states. let’s do it again soon!