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i too am deciding whether to get a mtn gun 161 or 171…

i’m 5’8″ 160#. i’ve ridden 12+ years, and i ride pretty aggressively. in the resorts i usuallly ride between a 159 and a 163, and have felt comfortable in the biggest sierra dumps to the lightest utah powder days.

i’ve had 2 years of snowshoeing with the board strapped to the pack here in the wasatch, and have ridden a 159 solomon fastback from several years ago…love the shape and flex on that board!! i’ve felt perfectly comfortable with that board in the BC.

i’ve ridden a friends 169 in-bounds (on a good powder day) and loved it for the surfy feel, but also felt that it was a bit wide, and a little sluggish edge to edge. though it did feel like a cadillac. plush!

i’ll be doing single day-trips in the wasatch this winter, probably in mostly wide open terrain, with the occasional steep chutes, rock drops, tight hop-turns, and the occasional spins…

i have access to a friend’s 161 for a good price. could i go wrong in purchasing it??? or should i pony up the extra $$ for the 171, which i feel may be too big?? of course, the dollar speaks loudly.

thank you for all your help and commentary in adavance. love all the posts, and excited to join the SB community.