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hahah,, I hear you man.. I get out on the bike plenty. It does get dark and rain here alot you know. 😉 Better to kill time in the garage tinkering then watching television.

Just wondering… do you skin with your straight edges on the inside? Most everyone I ride with puts the straight edge to the outside for skinning. So, the teeth wont affect the gait at all. No duffy duck walk 😀

One unforeseen advantage.. I don’t need any thing to hold the board together other then the binders and pucks. The teeth keep the halves from sliding longitudely(is that a word?) All that is need is tip and tail clips, and a couple of pieces of carbon fiber or something in place of the metal voile clips to keep it from taco shelling.

So, it just may be lighter then a voile split…. +/- for actuall board weight.