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I agree. Quiver board for hard days. Good second board to have in addition to a khyber.

I never really thought of it being a replacement to a crampon, but I am keeping in mind that if the condtions where that horrid, you could put the teeth on the same side, for say a really exposed traverse that makes you want to pee yourslef.

Weight? I don’t have a scale, so I am not sure of the weight differance. I am guessing it is really clsoe. When it’s all done, I’ll give the differance between it and the khyber.

I went with aluminum because I thought it would be a little easier to work with, and it was easy to get in the size I wantted.. I am a little worried that it won’t be strong enough we’ll see when I get to demo it.

Thanks Mumbles for the puck ideas.(not the icy traverse bitcher)

Thanks fro your interest, I’ll post the finish pictures and a report by maybe next week sometime. Still resltling with the best way to make a touring atachment.