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Forget the bikes – get some kites instead ūüėĮ .

Play on land, in the ocean, fresh water or snow. I’ve seen women having fun with it, although I haven’t talked my wife into it yet ūüėē . Skateboards work with a kite. Year – around possibilities, you don’t have to commit a whole day to get out & have fun if there’s wind nearby. No boat necessary. Once the gear is on-hand the only real costs are getting to & from the location. If you’re mtn boarding in a nearby park or parking lot not much driving involved.

As far as bikes go – a friend that used to be a big-time bike shop owner told me brand name is almost irrelevant. They all use certain components on specific types of bikes ie. suspension, brakes, wheels/tires, frames. He said its most important to know what features & the quality of those features you want than to focus on any specific brand. Such as front & rear suspension vs hard-tail….then rock shox or fox or ?

Ultimately if you can find a cheaper bike that has the most of the components you want then its a great deal for you.