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Ok, I am lazy..

I didn’t even attempt to take any pics or look for the specs.. sorry.

I agree strongly about looking at a used bike with a magnifying glass. One guy attempted to trade me an iron horse with a hairline crack in the frame. The bike I ended up with I got from a guy near 60, and it barely looked ridin. I like buying off of craiglist sometimes because you can meet the seller and sometimes get a feel for how the equipement was treated. But then the shop is still more guaranteed.

From what I read in your above post, I don’t think you want what I have. I think it is too springy and heavy to just go out tooling around with the family. Or, I suggest, two bikes!!! I honestly ride my girlfreidns 200$ hard tail/nose shcwinn more then anything.

Get a price point to go riding with the family. If you like it, then go for something better.

I would also like a divide… 😉