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One can never spend too much money on a bicycle…unless you don’t use it.

You will break the $500 bike. You will most certainly outgrow it in less than ten rides. Unless it’s a >$1500 bike new, than you got used.

6″ travel bikes these days are really good bikes. You will use all the travel shortly. If you get one that is built as an all around bike from a good builder, you will not regret it, and soon your kids can ride it. More than 6″ is usually a park bike or mostly built for ripping down. Not that that’s a bad thing. I ride my 8″ up and down all the time. But for me, the up is just to get to the down. I have a good hardtail for the epics.

If you just want to putter around the green spaces, then a used hardtail would work. Even a beater from a thrift store will get you out with your children.A new $500 mountain bike is really just built for very smooth trails and will not last. The wheels will go out of true, the components will not be as durable.

Disc breaks are better. Sticky tires are great for wet rides. Suspension these days is much better.

What everyone else said about 29’ers!

Post pics when you can wheelie and manual.