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When you get it, dont let JimW. ride it. He will break it. And if Im around make sure you dont set it down near the road


A $500 bike will likely have knock-off or low end suspenion and a low end drive train.

Agreed. I’m into my 2nd season of riding and loving it. Buy a good bike. Ebay is great. Look for the ’08 ride you want, then look for the same thing about 2 years old on Ebay. It’s worth the extra coin for a better ride.

You think you might like downhill?

This scene literally happened to me and friends last week. We were finishing our ride on a moderate downhill section, though with very little danger, non-technical stuff. This guy is standing in the trail waving his arms. We stop and right away we see his buddy is bleeding badly from his face. He’s got cuts all over his face, and could see he messed up his teeth. We ask where his teeth are, he says in the back of his throat. 😯 So, we call 911, and the ambulance comes. Follow up: One of us goes to see this guy at the hospital, it took 50+ stitches to close up his face, and he lost 6 teeth. So, if you think you’ll be into downhill mtb’ing, a full face helmet is obvious.