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We’re probably heading over there tomorrow AM, but we’re going to car camp down at Mammoth RV park Sat night, and Sun we’ll probably just do some hiking or check out Bodie or something, so I dunno if the carpool situation would work out.

I know snow finger etc will have better snow, but we’ll probably stick to Greenstone for a few reasons:

– Buffy is on injured reserve and will be hiking, and I’ll be carrying her stuff. Both reasons to not go very far. 🙂
– Dogs are allowed in the NF, but not Hall research area. Hall doesn’t include the stuff around Greenstone, but does include pretty much everything past the cliff and up to Conness. So if we stick to Greenstone the dogs can go.
– The pics in the TR on ttips from a few days ago didn’t look too horrible around Greenstone…

I guess we’ll just see how it goes. You should totally hit up North Peak though! 🙂