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Morning color.

The sun soon warmed our tent and surrounding rock.

Our kitchen included granite countertops and a bay window.

Go ahead and laugh but you’d be stretching too if you hiked 8 or 9 miles the day before too.

We had to exit fairly early so we stayed closer to camp looking for a few good turns.

The view of Aloha was gorgeous.

mmcpheet drops first through a slot above a decent little pitch.

I follow.

We traversed left on foot and saw this little guy.

We walked past a cool granite pool that we envisioned was heated with a Japanese monkey chilling in it.

Back on snow we take what we can get.

mmcpheet flirts with a waterfall.

I get in on the fun too.

Time to put the breaks on.

One more little shot to the lake.

The Exit

We tried to exit to the east closer to Waca and Pyramid Lakes to see if we could find a better route through the cliff band.

Pyramid Lake.



And the cliffband.

Good times.

At Toem Lake we go on auto-pilot to the top of the falls we we take a small break before the last stretch to the road.

We made it. 🙂

We celebrated with bacon cheeseburgers at Strawberry Lodge and called it a great trip. Good times. Thanks mmcpheet!!! 8)