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Man, I am way behind on my trip reports! Nice pics and writeup everyone. Didn’t I say something about posting some of my pics “soon”… a couple weeks ago? 🙂 Anyway it was great meeting up with everyone, and it was a totally fun trip. A bonus was getting to mtb with ecobrad *finally*, after talking about it forever.

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Interesting link from Summitpost:

For those of us that were on North Sister, this is the report of the two climbers we saw on the way out. A few interesting pics, including this one of the upper east face of the Thayer Headwall:

Doh! So it looks like the headwall *did* go from the top! Damn, coulda woulda shoulda. That is one sweet looking line. We’ll have to get it next year.

Any pics to add Jim?

I think I did take a couple pics… 🙂 I’ll try to post some up by this weekend. Sorry for lagging.