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Here’s a few more picts from our trip. We had a great time and, as always, all of the splitboard.comers were easy going and fun to hang out with.

My family was staying near Sisters for the week. A day or two before our split trip I went for a trail run to the top of Black Butte and got a sweet look at North Sister.

Some more cool looking rocks.

Here’s what turned us off from the Thayer Glacier. The adjacent snowfield start to wet slide.

Because I took this picture of Jim’s turns from the top

I missed his jump

And a few more pictures of my vacation.
Mtbing with Jim

The day after N. Sister I convinced my 5 year old that she wanted to climb to the top of Black Butte. She did it with only a little piggy backing.

and more of me just being a Dad. representing

Thanks again for the trip guys.