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I try to hit Boulder Drop a few times every season, It’s one of my favorite places for a swim 😉 .
I really should get a sea kayak but I’m trying not to let my boat quiver get as big as my snowboard quiver. right now I have 5 boats (creek boat, play boat, single IK, tandem IK, and a 14′ self bailing raft) and would like to add a cat to the bunch but a sea kayak would make more sense since I live on an island. I use the IKs around here if I feel like paddling, not the fastest boats but fun for playing around. I have paddled my creekboat to Anacortes (5 miles open water) but it’s not recommended, an 8′ boat starts to feel real small in all that water.
I get lots of tankers coming by here and they leave a perfect wave about 4′ high that just keeps breaking until it finds a beach or rocks to stop it. These make perfect waves for kayak surfing, I paddle my playboat out when they pass and wait for the waves. once your on one you can ride it for several hundred yards or more. I heard of a couple guys in the Gulf of Mexico who do this with boards but run out with a boat to get out.