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By the 4th, it’s doable as a long day, but better as an overnight. When we were there 2 weeks ago, the FS road was closed about 5.5 miles from the Cold Springs TH. I suspect it won’t be open all the way by the 4th, so maybe expect to be blocked 1-2 miles from the TH. We hiked in about 7.5 miles, made camp at 6,500 feet. The next day climbed to the summit via the south spur (Suksdorf Ridge), which is the recommended climbing route. For riding, ride off the summit down to the false summit (Pikers Peak), and from there, drop into the SW chutes, which are about 4,000 feet of consistent mid 30’s fall line pitch.

By the 4th, you’ll probably have nearly continuous snow down to about treeline (~6,000 feet), then it’s likely a shwack out. Depending on where the road is closed, you can just head down hill and nav back to the Morrison Creek TH on the FS road, or you can stay above treeline and take the “round the mountain” trail that traverses back to the south ridge route and nearer to the car.

If you’re looking at doing an overnight, which I would recommend if the weather and everything else cooperates, look to bivy on the Lunch Counter (flat spot near 9,000 feet), which has some good rock walls in spots. You could also bivy around the Crescent Glacier (around 8,000 feet) or between.

If any of that wasn’t clear, or you need more referenes, let me know.