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Nice! bcr I hope you don’t wax your board, er… sandwich table… 🙂

@dibiase wrote:

Next time I have to remember the crampons. My feet kept pushing out of the verts anytime I kicked steps outside of the fall line on the hardpack. A little bit unnerving at times 😯

I find that in hard snow, Verts work best if you are facing directly up the slope. Well, they work best in any kind of snow if you go straight up, but at least in soft snow you have more options. You can traverse short distances facing up the hill this way but it’s kind of a pain. It’s best if you can find a direct line straight up, or a series of connected straight lines w/o much traversing. I also find that it’s a hell of a calf workout on hard snow. Hard boots would probably help there. That’s one nice thing about crampons, you have many different stepping options so that one particular muscle doesn’t get overworked. One nice thing about Verts though is that if the snow conditions are mixed, at least you aren’t going to be postholing in the soft stuff.

Your feet definitely shouldn’t be pushing out of the binding strap though, even if you step sideways! ❗ You might try different mounting holes on the straps to see if you can get a more secure fit.