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To alleviate having your arms pulled out of the sockets when getting towed try this:

Double up an old bike tube(large), clip a large locking ‘biner through both the ends.

Wrap the halved tube around your ass, putting the ends/biner in the front at your waist. Tie a loop about 12-18″ from the end of the towrope. Now feed the end through the biner, then again through the loop. This way if you bail you can let go of the rope and not get dragged like a human fishing lure.

The stretch in the tube makes the ride much less jerky, and all the pull is around your waist/backside, your arms don’t get pulled at all.

We do a ton of towing(8 miles) to the top at Paulina Peak here in Oregon, this is the way you can do numerous laps without numbing your arms.

Also not sure how much you care about the sled but towing 2 people is way easier on the track/tunnel/clutch than having a rider on the back.

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions about the tow set-up, it’s really easy and bomber.