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@porkythesplitter wrote:

yep yoda, same porky. I’ll tell ya a little bit about myself…Im from Santa Cruz but go to Chico State and im studying manufacturing technology there, hoping to work in the carbon fiber industry after I graduate in another 2 years. Im a long time snowboarder but never splitboarded so im doing the pre-years research, hoping that i can make enough money to get a splitboard and kite gear in a year or 2. I also just started taking kiting lessons. Im actually in brisbane Australia this semester which is where ive been learning to kite.

OK, well im a longtime flow fan and user…and im loving the looks of their new line…boots too


maybe i should have pm this…o well

If you get a chance, I’ve heard that the Ozone Instinct is already available in Australia. Look for it and try to fly it! I’ve heard its super easy to handle if your learning… better than the other brands (from what’s being said). And if you want performance – it has that too! C-Ya