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That’s pretty sketchy territory, you should at least be able to recognize on your way up that this will be a problem, and plan way in advance. I would do everything I could to plan my line of descent so that I never had to consider taking off my board, but in order of preference:

1) ride a line that lets you ride or jump over the crevasse
2) split mode with skins on (roped if it’s really sketchy)
3) rope up and walk over (if you are not alone, and your partners don’t just ditch you)

Again to reiterate, you should be asking yourself on the way up if you will be comfortable riding down later when things get soft and sketchy. If there’s going to be a problem section, you’re best off finding out immediately whether your partners are willing to consider roping up for it, so that you can make your decision before it’s too late to reconsider. I would personally flat-out avoid routes that require funny business in heavily-crevassed territory, unless you have a sensible plan for how you’re going to deal with it.