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I am 2.5″ taller and weigh 15-25 pounds more than you (depending on how good of a shape I am in) and I find my 161 to be great in all but the fluffiest conditions. With a full pack (20-30 pounds for an overnighter) it can get to be a bit of a pisser on tours in winter conditions, but if you’re just doing day trips with a light pack, I can’t see how you could go wrong. The nice thing about a 161, as you hinted, is that you can make tight turns and whip it around in a hurry when things get steeper and narrower.

Most of the longer tours that I set out on take place in the spring, when the snow is more consolidated and thus the flotation is not as big of an issue. I have been keeping my eyes peeled for a swallowtail, though, which is what I really want for full-on white-smoke powder dumps. My Rossi Undertaker is in Japan with my little brother (it snows more or less continuously from December through April in Sapporo), but I know what I like to ride in blower pow, and it ain’t a Mtn Gun. So…

If you can get a crushing deal on a 161 and save the money, my suggestion would be to pack light (always a good idea anyhow) and enjoy the extra gas money for your trips.