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@jimw wrote:

It did seem that the Burton interface is a little stiffer side-to-side. I figure this is because the Voile slider is a narrower mounting surface, so the binding hangs over the side more. Also, it’s higher than the Burton interface, and there are a couple areas for slop (the rubber mounting pad on the slider plate, “lifting” play in the pucks due to only having 2 mounting bolts per puck).

Here’s a shot showing how high and narrow the Voile interface is. See how the binding is sticking out over the edges? I guess you could mount some bumpers to the board underneath the binding in those areas.

I think the narrowness of the Voile slider plate provides a nice lever for finding slop in the softer parts of the system, such as the rubber gaskets and plastic binding base plates. I wrote a few ideas for stiffening the system here.

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