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Interesting. Here I was just thinking about also removing the rubber gasket from the slider plate. Tested it out this weekend and the pucks didn’t seem to move at least. If I do end up putting the rubber pieces in I think I’ll add a similar piece under the center disc, so that it doesn’t bow the edges of the puck up when you tighten the screws down.

So, update after the test run last weekend. Basically everything worked fine. In board mode, it felt like it responded a little differently but I think that was because of snow conditions, slightly wider stance, and mostly because I also moved the bindings slightly closer to the heelside edge. Too many changes at once. Things were great in split mode on the way in. Crampons worked great and can be installed/removed on the fly, though a little harder to do than with the original Burton interface. On steeper slopes, the heel lifts worked fine. When I had to put the crampons in, the heel lifts tended to somtimes slip off the tabs on the crampons (slipping forward in this picture):

Solved that by just moving the “heel lift puck” a tad futher forward so that they always land in the groove in front of the tab. BTW I tried flattening those tabs – don’t do that, they just break off. Probably heat treated and stiffer, but more brittle. Thankfully I stocked up on a couple extra sets of crampons off ebay.

When I got home, I noticed that those little grooves I made in the slider plates had broken through.

I think this is because the slider plate can rotate upward further than I thought – I thought the toe of the binding would hit the plastic part of the touring bracket preventing the plate from rotating that far upward, but I guess not.

I think that I will just cut out a notch there instead. This will make the plate a little weaker there, but I don’t think it will be a problem. I don’t “ski” in split mode much, and when I do it’s not agressive. In board mode, the stress is disributed move evenly along the plate. We’ll see.